Honda and BeCool antifreeze coolant

Jul 19, 2009
Detroit, MI
Hey guys, I did a search, did not really find anything. Local company started marketing their new coolant. I'm sure some of you have heard of Be Cool before, they make performance radiators and things of that nature in Summit, Jegs, etc. A guy I know is one of the reps for the company here in Michigan, and he was showing me their new coolant ( ) and telling me how great it is. Anyone have any info or have used it? Also, Info on Honda Coolant? I know that honda-ist's swear by the stuff in their Alluminum engines. I use their pretty blue coolant in my Mitsubishi, and have been watching it. One thing I have noticed is that I'm not getting any [censored] building up in my reservoir. I used to notice (and notice in my other vehicles) all sorts of "gunk" that tends to build up in the overflow tank, and it always seems to line the bottle and just look nasty. Other than that, I guess it is working to cool my engine and keep it form corroding =) I guess the claim to fame is "no silicates".