honda accord or toyota camry?

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Jul 24, 2004
north carolina
same year cars same price with 4-cyl engine.wich one and why? tks
actually its going to be my wifes car and this are our 2 choices.this cars are 2005 year model. tks again.
I'd go with the Accord just for the looks!

- More inventory, better chance of obtaining a good deal.
- Not first year model, bugs have been worked out.
- Well respected, well regarded as a solid performer
- AT is easy to service. One bolt to drain, one bolt to fill. (3 quarts of Honda ATF-Z1 each time)

- Honda 5-speed Automatics, though they've been "fixed," are still questionable with regards to long-term durability.
- Accord is due for a redesign in 08, I believe. Thus, the product is nearing the end of its lifecycle.



- Latest redesign has "updated" the vehicle
- Toyota Aisin-Warner transmissions, recently, have been extremely reliable and there are many with > 150K on the road.
- Should be very reliable in the long run.

- First year design, may have a few bugs.
- High demand, may not receive a great deal.
- Automatic transmission now takes Toyota WS, low-viscosity ATF. $42/gal at the dealer, no known aftermarket stubstitutes.
- AT is difficult to service. No dipstick, and must go through a PITA fluid fill procedure (pump in underneath vehicle) and a ridiculous fluid level check procedure. (Must monitor ATF temperature and remove check bolt underneath vehicle when running)

Your choice, but I'd go with the Camry, personally.

Don't overlook the 07 Sonata SE V6. You can buy one for the cost of a Camry/Accord 4-cyl. They aren't quite "there," but they come very, very close.
toyota. If going for the long run, the materials (not interior, but technical materials throughout) are better on toyotas than honda products, in my experience, especially as you round the 10 year, 150k mark. Toyota radiators also give you a fighting chance of making 100k before replacement... Honda radiators are just plain cheap. MB can make plastic radiators that last >20 years and >200k, but honda sure cant.

Both would bore me to tears but I find Honda engineering to be generally a slight notch above Toyota IMO. Personally a Mazda 6, Audi A3, slightly used 325i/A4, etc. would be much more entertaining!
Maybe not in your area and maybe not those models - but when we bought the 2006 Ody - we shopped hard for a used 2005. I came to the conclusion - that I'd rather pay $3-4K more for a brand new van vs. one with 30-50K miles used.

Mike the Critic Wan speaks true. We are happy with the Honda, but I watch that tranny!

Which one does SHE like to drive?
Having owned both in the past,(4 cylinders). I like them each for different reasons. I like the Camry for it's smooth, quiet and comfortable operation and I like the Accord for it's better handling ability, firmer seats and 4 cyl engine. They both achieved good city/hywy mpg. When looking at both for my last purchace, I ended up with an Altima. Just as roomy and comfortable but much better looking and less money at that time. My choices would be: The Camry for a family sedan, the Accord for the well rounded driver looking for a car that does all things well, the Mazda 6 if handling and spirited driving is high on your list and the Altima if you just want something different. Have you considered a certified pre-owned luxury car, one that has a good reputation for reliability.
I had an 05 accord and it has proven itself nothing butt problems. If that isn't bad enough, the service technitians in Honda are rude and useless, and the honda corporation customer care thingy really doesn't care about customers.

For the few months I owned the car, I had 2 bad headlight housings, number of rattle issues, paint quality issues (dealership installed scratches I think). The windshield washer sprays straight into the wiper arm, rarely reaches the windshield (dealership says it's normal)... etc

Sold the car and I am now with Toyota, again. With toyota, they never had problems, and when there is, the people care about fixing them for you. So from my personal experience, I would rather go with the toyota -- or even Hyundai over the Accord.
I wish I could be as ambiguous about the choice between the 2005 Accord and Camry, but I can't. The Camry looks bloated and boring, and the instrument panel seems cobbled together from at least two different cars. The Accord has a more tasteful and purposeful interior.
If the choice is that close between them, you should spend some time alternating driving both cars to see which one has seats and interiors you like best.
Coke or Pepsi.

They are cream of the family midsize appliance car crop and the right choice is the one she likes.
I tried them both a few months ago, and ended up buying an 05 Legacy. It was a few thousand less than either, plus AWD for the wife. And it averages 34 mpg at about 85 mph!!
With price being similar, Id take either and be happy with what I chose. Id just go with whichever I thought was better looking than the other.

However, with my nature, Id have to look elsewhere for a car in the same price range.
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