Honda Accord handling

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Jul 18, 2003
Many "evaluators" think they are cool to bash all the soft springing, thats the macho thing to do I guess. Very little evaluates doing real 500 to 1000-mile road testing. So, I tend to take the word "tepid" from those as a plus!
I don't really care what a reviewer says about any area that I can check for myself with a test drive. Although even a test drive would be meaningless if the tires were improperly inflated, which is not uncommon.
Perhaps the Edmunds reviewer was referring to the difference in handling between the I4 and the V6. On the other hand, maybe he was just trying to be a critic, and could find no other fault.
I was reading Edmunds' review of the V6 accord. On the con side was listed "tepid handling". Obviously this car is not a purebred sports car, but is it all that bad? I dont road race, but do a good bit of interstate cruising in Western NC.
Seriously considering,
I have a 05 Accord EX 2.4L. I don't think there is anything wrong with the handling that a more cornering oriented tire would not cure. Honda has a predilection for Michelin MXV tires due to fuel efficiency/ride considerations. They are rather wimpy under hard cornering. In normal driving, especially interstate, the overall compromise is excellent. The car gets you there quickly and comfortably. I don't think there is anything better for the money.
If you step from something like the S2000 (or equivalent) to an Accord, yes there's a definite difference in the handling department. But if you're cruising the Interstate at less than the "pace they'll definitely pull you over for", it'll cruise at high speed all day long. G's are fun, but sometimes, you just want to get someplace comfortably. Age will do that to you.
The Accord handles just fine. The Accord was measured against cars in it's class that handled a bit better, that's all! I own an Altima that is similar to the one tested against the Accord in the Edmunds article. The Altima handles very nicely and more agile than the Accord and, the Altima doesn't ride too bad either! But! as an overall car for testing, I can honestly say that the Accord feels well worth it's money compared to most other cars in it's class. I purchaced the Altima for it's style,(I just fell in love with it). I have owned Accords in the past and I can tell you that they are great cars.
inlaws car is an accord.

I'm very impressed with its handling, and cruise control, at 60km/h around Mount Panorama, or Bells line of road.

The opposition vehicles are hopeless in comparison.

Not a sports car, by any stretch. But then you'd buy a sports car if you needed one.
If you want handling, HRC and many others make some real fine suspension kits for Accord,take a look around,not that costly either.
I have 05 Accord LX 4 cyl Auto and it handles great. I had 2002 Camry prior and the Camry was too soft in corners. Accord is somewhere between Camry and Mazda 6.

Sometimes these editors (who test drive an M5 the same week) get a bit carried away when testing $20,000 cars.
My 24 year old son is in the market for a car. He has driven my Accord and prefers the sharper reactions of the Mazda 6. I prefer the drivetrain refinement and interior quality of the Accord. It all depends what you are looking for.

I still wonder how the Accord would feel with a set of Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread Tires.

If you are looking for an Accord with sharper handling, maybe the answer is an Acura TSX.
Others have summed it up pretty well. It just depends on what you want. If you want a sports car or a sporty sedan, don't buy an Accord. It was not meant to be one. I had an '00 Accord and I agree - its suspension is tuned towards comfort, not performance, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And I agree with Fernando - the OEM Michelins can be much improved on if you want to sqeeze out a little bit more performance out of this family sedan.
To make Accord handle from stock,all you need to do is change to Yokohama tires,as for Mazda having better handling,it depends,Mazda trades off ride for handling and I feel with the tire change,Honda strikes a perfect balance.
I have a 2004 2.4 EX with a 5spd. The addition of a Neuspeed 19 mm rear swaybar improved handling substantially. The car no longer understeers and corners flatter. Do not add the Neuspeed front sway bar. It his hollow and is actually somewhat weaker than the stock Honda swaybar.
Its the reason why I dislike Honda's in general is tepid handling compromise for a better ride.

However some people do not care and enjoy the slightly better ride. Its what you like that matters, not the reviewers or other posters.
I think my 88 Accord LX 2.0 auto handles good. I'm very impressed with Honda..this has 168k on it, it isn't much more loud than our $24k 2004 Hyundai XG350L. Well, the exhaust is more loud, but if I'd fix it....

I really like my Accord.
As long as you don't try and run with a Maxima SE you'll be fine in that Accord
Car & Driver has always really liked the Accord (10-best list for many, many years), and even picked the EX version over the G6 GTP, Mazdaspeed6, and Acura TSX in a comparison test recently. Given C&D's obsessive need for good handling, it can't be too bad!

I test drove an '04 Accord DX a couple of years ago and I liked it. It was a bigger car than I wanted, but it handled very well.

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