Honda Accord Gas Cap - Fix Check Engine Code?


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Jan 9, 2010
Los Gatos, CA
Girlfriend's Honda weekly lit the check engine warning light. Ordered a Gates gas cap from Amazon for under $4. Installed the Gates cap and instructed her to turn the gas cap until she heard 3-4 clicks after the attendant pumped her gas. Solved the problem of the weekly check engine warning light. Reinstalled the OEM cap and had her continue to turn the gas cap after filling. No problems with the OEM cap.

I think the problem is that gas station employees aren't instructed the proper way to tighten the cap down after filling. To test the theory I went to the gas station she uses to refuel. I didn't touch the cap after the attendant replaced it. Within 10 miles my check engine light lit. I re-tightened the cap. It took about 25 miles for the check engine light to go out. Just my experience.
Attendant? We ain't got no stinkin' attendants in CA!
Just kidding. There are no gas jocks (like I used to be) around here. And she clicks it a full revolution.
Cap is a few month old Stant. I ordered a Honda cap, $40 all in from Amazon.