Honda A01 vs. A02... any cut-open pictures?

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May 31, 2009
I'm looking for any pictures of a cut-open Honda A02 filter to compare with an A01. My Honda forum directed me here for pictures, but I can't find any after an hour of searching.

Any help please?

I dont have pictures but @ one of the local Honda dealers they have a display of one cut open and all I can say about the new ones is they have carboard endcaps. For the money you would be better off with a WIX or Pureone IMO.
I found one picture of A02( I think) on BITOG on a thread I started. They are now constructed very similar to the Fram Tough Guard. Silicone ADBV, but likely without the screen on the TG, perhaps more media. They do have cardboard(like) endcaps. Don't have A01, but I believe they had metal endcaps, IIRC they were made by filtech, not sure though.

The A02 is made by Fram/Honeywell.

A02 pic scroll down to integra


Honda charges way too much for the OEM A02 filter, which looks very much like a re-badged Fram. Honeywell (AKA Fram) was awarded the contract to produce Honda's OEM oil filter several years ago. Previously Honda's OEM oil filter had been manufactured by Filtech under the A01 designation.

Use any of these filters and you will get your money's worth: Amsoil EaO13, Wix 51356, Napa Gold 1356, Mobil 1 EP M1-110
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I buy and use both the A01 and the A02 filters. Both are good and both have their advantages and disadvantages. The A01 can be bought online from Thats where I buy them and they will tell you if they currently have the A01 or the A02 and they go back anf forth. Honestly the next time I buy filters in bulk I'm going to buy the Denso oil filters. They are the same design as the A01 honda but for less money. If you want to see an interior diagram of one of these you are essentialy looking at the A01 except the A01 dosent have a pre lubed gasket and has metal base plates.

Denso makes the cooling and A/C systems for most hondas so its not a far reach to use their filters. They are between $3.50 -$4.50 online.
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