Homeowners Insurance in Florida?

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May 7, 2010
Ocala, Florida
Hi guys, don't usually post much other than oil related things here but I figured you folks are a knowledgeable group so here goes! My wife and I just bought a home in Ocala and are moving there the end of this month from WV. I'm finding it difficult to get cheap homeowners insurance! We're not in a flood plain, on high ground and plenty far inland. Any of you sunshine state residents have any suggestions for me??
Good luck finding cheap homeowners insurance in Florida after recent events. Some companies may pull out after paying off those affected.
I lived in Florida from 99-2011, Tampa to be exact. Homeowner's insurance was always outrageous and hard to get. Never had a claim, but had to shop often from getting cancelled from the storms. Might be easier to visit a local insurance agent that's in the know and can help you get insurance, they have some tricks.
There are few large insurance companies that write HO policies in FL. I've had a home also in central FL for 6 years. American Integrity Insurance still writes new policies AFAIK, as do some other small companies. You'll do better using an independent broker. Forget companies like USAA and other big boys who won't touch FL with a 10 foot pole.
Many companies have written off FL as a state. There are 49 other states to sell insurance in. They do not need all 50. How many years do they need to see a super lot of claims from FL to become wise.
Even though you are in Ocala you're not but about 50 miles from the Gulf. My son lives in Gainesville, just up the road about 30 miles and he lost power for 3 days from the storm in August.
We have a place on the east coast, condo, try Citizens insurance, they got us good coverage relatively cheap..
Thanks all. Actually American Integrity has quoted the best so far... I guess its just "sticker shock" coming from $650 a year here in WV to $1500-$2200 a year there! It appears Allstate and State Farm still write policies there, I'm just waiting on quotes back from them. I guess you gotta pay a little more to have sunshine and warm weather!
If insurance companies completely stopped writing homeowners policies in Florida.... The state of Florida would pull their license to sell car insurance in Florida and that's a big no no for All State, State Farm, etc...
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