Home oil analysis??

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Oct 19, 2004
Are there and home oil analysis kits that a person can use as a quick test of condition of oil? Some thing like the kits a person can use for coolant. Would PH indicator papers be of any use?? Thanks
The blotter test is surely for you. Just put blotter in the search engine either here in in Auto&Gen and you should get enough.
By definition pH is the negative logrithm of the hydrogen ion concentration in aqueous solutions, i.e., water based. So it has no application in oils, or organic solutions. I do remember one or two things of my Chemical Engineering education.......
Making oil blotters is fun. I have a couple year's worth on three vehicles and including AutoRx treatments. All stored in archival quality trading card holders, 9 per sheet, in a binder. Still not too sure what they mean, but when the middle gets too blackish I figure enough is enough.
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