Home mixture of M1 and MaxLife??

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Apr 9, 2004
Minnesota-South Dakota
I was wondering how a mixture of Mobil-1 and MaxLife Synthetic, or regular, would do? I purchased a 97 Stratus 2.5L 24V V6 (mitsubishi made). The engine is great, but I like to use the MaxLife to repair any seals that just may go bad and also clean out the engine...but the added protection of M1 PAO is something very important, too! I currently used 3qts MaxLife Regular 5W-30 with 2qts Mobil-1 10W-30. Think that is a good mixture, or a simple waste? I like the idea of the MaxLife Synthetic, too. So even better....next time 3qts MaxLife Synthetic 5W-30 with 2qts Mobil-1 5W-30? The engine sems to be operating fine right now, but is this a good idea, or should these oils even be mixed? Thanks for the advice!!
I don't think you could possibly hurt anything doing this. I actually thought about doing it myself considering I have 1 qt of Mobil 1 and 5 qts of MaxLife laying around (rebate stuff).

A UOA of it would be very interesting indeed.
I understand M1 is PAO and regular Maxlife has about 12-22% PAO. The question is what is the synthetic Maxlife? Just looked at their MSDS listings and the synthetic is not up yet. If the Maxlife synthetic has more PAO, maybe you would not need as much of the M1, but I suspect the Max Synthetic will be the same as the regular (12-22% PAO) but with Group III replacing the dino part--just a wild guess.
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