Home exterior siding replacement in funny size

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Aug 5, 2002
Silicon Valley
My dad's home has these panels on the exterior. It is build in 1970s and we are not able to find this at all. We couldn't even find anything in the same dimension (9" x 32"), not just something that matches the same style. Any suggestion on where to look? It looks more like a tile / stone than vinyl.
Find a place out of the way. Strip off the siding and install something different in that small area, maybe a firewood box, and use the reclaimed siding out front. They call this a red-neck remodel.
That looks suspiciously like asbestos siding to me.....But I thought they quit using it, by the '70s. I grew up in a house that had asbestos siding.....Though it was put up in the late '40s, early '50s. If it is asbestos, I would mess with it as little as possible. Keep it wet, if you do mess with it at all. It might be worth getting it tested......Testing for asbestos in interior ceiling flocking is commonly done, and this should not be any more difficult.
Ah, you guys are right, it is a building from 1969 and it looks asbestos. Now the question: Are there any place that sell single siding or do I have to buy the 19 siding bundle at a time?
It is slightly different in the surface texture (Profile 9), but then again even if I found the exact same one it will look different after 45 years of aging in weather.
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Testing for asbestos in interior ceiling flocking is commonly done, and this should not be any more difficult.
Yes, the interior ceiling had asbestos in the past and we paid good money to strip that off when we got the place in the mid 90s.
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Looks like asbestos to me.
I agree. My grandparents house built at the end of WWII had similar looking and it was asbestos.
Maybe call up an asbestos removal company if you only need a few panels. We have them in our buildings the odd time and to be honest, they don't seem to be the most professional crews, so they might let you have a few panels for some cash. No one is going to miss a dozen of them out of a dumpster. Keeping them wet is the key for working with them if you have to do some cutting.
That's asbestos. There are products available that match it pretty well, if you decide you want to try and repair it. A good building supply house should carry it, along with renting you a tool to cut it to size. Use care in handling the existing material and wear a good OSHA approved mask if you decide to tackle it.
Yup, as stated above, that's asbestos. I grew up in a neighborhood where virtually *all* the houses were sided with asbestos shingles that looked exactly like what's pictured above. If you work on it yourself be sure to wear breathing protection.
Keep trying building supply vendors. Someone will have them. Our home has 8" siding with matched corners so it has a seamless look. I like it, but a couple pieces had dents from the previous owner, so I wanted to replace them. I had to drive to a building supply 40 miles away to get it. Personally, Im no fan of the look of the stuff shown on your father's house, and if I were he, Id look into the fiber cement siding.
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