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Mar 15, 2013
I get home last night and it's hot. Hmm so I walk over to the thermostat and it's on 70 but says the homes temp is 55. So I Mess with it put in new batteries. And sat it as low as it would go 45 degrees within 5 minutes It said it was 24 degrees in the house. Realistically it was almost 80 probably. Would this just be a faulty thermostat? Or something else?
Could it also be a bad control wire of some sort? I just had a transformer replace about a month ago.
It appears the fan is running non stop to....won't turn off unless I flip the breaker.
That's probably because your fan is set to AUTO....it will keep running until the thermostat (which is probably bad) is satisfied or you turn it off manually. Jump the wires at your thermostat (AC signal wire is, IIRC, typically yellow) and see if the condensor fires up. HOWEVER, if you're not sure which wires to jump and/or not familiar with home ac units, don't mess with it since you could ruin your new transformer. FWIW, a simple, manual thermostat at Lowes is usually less than $10. Inexpensive programmable stats are a few dollars more.
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