HM in a new vehicle

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Jan 29, 2008
Brickerville, PA
I know that Valvoline's site says its ok to use maxlife in a new vehicle, or one with under 75,000miles on it. Is it really ok though? I was thinking about using it in my 08 Wrangler with 12,000miles on it, but I don't wanna risk harming the seals or gaskets.
I asked Valvoline tech line the same question a year or so ago about using their HM in my '07 Uplander...... Their email reply was "Thank you for your question. Valvoline MaxLife Engine Oil was designed for vehicles with 120,000km or more, but certainly can be used in new vehicles. This product will not void manufacturers warranty." Hope this helps.
I think the point of a high mileage oil is to not damage seals, which would be more sensitive in high mileage engines. In fact, using the logic of high mileage oils, wouldn't they do a better job of keeping seals pliable than a standard engine oil would?
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