Highest/lowest mpg Vehicle u have owned?

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Mar 17, 2008
For me probably my 65 Impala with 396 was the lowest.

My mid 2000's Toyota Corolla was the highest.
Highest is the '01 Civic. I average 36.8 (according to fuelly) 50/50 highway/city. I have gotten as high as 43 on a trip.

Lowest was a '95 Chevy Astro. Although I didn't think it was terrible for a 4.3 and was usually loaded to the brim with luggage and 5-6 people. Averaged around 16. Lowest was 9 once in South Dakota on some very poor quality fuel. I could actually watch the gauge move once it got below half a tank.
Highest - maybe my 2017 Accord Sport, around 30 combined.
Lowest - 1970 Corvette with CRR 454, 450HP, 4 or maybe 6 downhill with foot off the gas and tail wind...
best: modified diesel smart, best full tank was 2.9L/100 (81 MPG)
worst: 2500 Suburban for towing. Well, lucky to get 20L/100.
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I didn't monitor the mileage of my '89 CRX regularly, but I did get 44mpg on a couple legs of a long drive from TX to MO on a really hot day and I sure wasn't trying for high gas mileage...basically drove as fast as I thought I could get away with and still got caught running in a "train" in OK averaging about 90. A plane spotted us and an Okie state trooper was standing in the highway waiting for us and waved our whole group over.
Never kept track of the mileage for my '76 Nova with a 250 straight 6 very closely as I lived in TX when I owned it and gas was under a buck a gallon, but I'd guess it wasn't very good. Believe I got 16-18mpg in my '96 Legacy Outback and maybe that was worse than the Nova?
I think the 98 Grand Am I bought when it was a year old, with the 4 cyl. engine was probably the best, but the car I have now, the 14 fusion with the 2.5 has to be very close. For cars bought new, or nearly new, I bought a new PT cruiser in 2005, without the turbo, and it was the worst of new cars. 70 mph on the highway, it only got around 20 mpg. (if that) It did better around town, or if you could keep the highway speed down to 60 it did pretty good. Not a travelers car.
When I got my Toyota Echo in 2005, ethanol was not widespread yet and with ethanol-free I could reach 50 MPGs. With E10 I get 45 which is still good.

Worst (still not so bad) : my 2006 3.0 Ranger. Best I could get was 22 MPG, usually around 19.
Highest: the wifes Mazda 3, low 40's if you can keep it under 70 mph

Worst: 1977 Mustang II, with a 5.0 and 2bbl carb that I had in high school. Whoever owned it before me had changed the rear end ratio, the speedometer was wildly inaccurate and the RPM's were way higher than necessary for that little car, but the torque was outrageous and it would light up the tires with no effort at all. After filling up I was lucky to get 100 miles before I would stop for gas out of fear of running out, which worked out to 9-10 mpg at best. If I really babied it and didnt go over 40 mph I could get 12-13 mpg. My friends used to joke that the only thing that moved faster than that car was its own gas gauge. Between school and work, filling up 3-4 times a week was common. If I had half a brain at the time I would have sourced a junkyard rear end and swapped it back to stock, but never did. Did I mention the torque? Oh my word.
Lowest: my modded 1974 Monte Carlo, which was lucky to average 11 mpg.

Highest: my wife's Cooper Clubman- it averages no less than 31 mpg.

Ringer: my wife's i3 REX, which used one gallon of gasoline in @9000 miles...
Lowest, probably the sick '53 Packard. Highest is likely the Fridge, my '16 Camry SE. 37.2 MPG last trip to my daughters. In the 90s the goon hauler was a Grand Wagoneer. 40$ a week in gas just to putt around town.
This must be a old person thing because I am thinking back and I never cared or checked my gas mileage.
I know I look now but I am older. Probably my 2006 Hemi pulling a trailer, it's down to 7-8 mpg. The New Challenger is getting 25 mpg on trips before that I never paid attention.
W: 1965 buick electra 225 401cu-in nailhead: 10mpg.

B: Toyota Yaris 3 door 5M, IIRC 36mpg in town

Worst that should be good: 1995 Hyundai Accent 3 door 5M: 27 mpg in town
runner up worst: Current 2014 Nissan Rogue at 23.6mpg ave in town/rural.
1995 F-350 4x4 with 351W got about 10 mpg no matter what i did.
2015 VW Passat TDI 2.0 i acheived a 900+ mile tank averaged 53 mpg, all highway of course.
Best is my Suzuki Celerio 1.0L auto. Since new, all conditions, all seasons, it's averaged 72 mpg (imperial) or 60 mpg (US).
Best: Hyundai Veloster 1.6L - 30 combined
Worst: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII - 12 combined
Lowest, Taurus with Vulcan at around 24mpg
Highest, Prius V at around 40mpg

Rental? Probably a Impala that had only 18mpg when I drove it on a trip.
Highest: '13 Cruze 1.4T/manual, current best over any duration is 41.2 IIRC.

Lowest: '85 GMC 1-ton, usually gets 10-12.5 but I think I loosened up the Q-jets secondaries a little too much on that trip to St. Louis towing a CJ7 and three consecutive tanks were 7.3, 7.8, and 8.2.
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Lowest: 1 ton Chevy dually w/ Duramax and Allison; 9 mpg no matter what. If you pushed it off a cliff it would get 9 mpg all the way to impact.

Highest: Shovelhead, will outrun stock Evos and most Twin Cam HDs from a stop until well into highway speeds, rock steady at 85 mph for as long as you can hold on, 50+ mpg.
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