high revving, high milage motor

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Jul 4, 2003
San Antonio, TX
In 1990 the recommended grade for my sons car was 10w30. I think 14 years later technology has changed motor oils performance. So in 2004, which oil would you use for summer in a high revving motor with 170,000 miles? The Pennzoil 10w30 HMV we used for the first cycle turned black in 1500 miles. We like the price on the mixed fleet HDMO. Joe
Either the Chevron Delo or Mobil Delvac in 15w-40. If you feel like getting a synthetic or lower cold weight get Rotella T Syn as it's only $12 a gallon at Wally World. Chances are though, even this oil will get dirty quickly as the engine may be filthy. But that's not necissarily a bad thing. If you do think it is, then stick with Wal Mart's Supertech oil in either 10w-40 or 20w-50. [ April 03, 2004, 11:06 AM: Message edited by: Thomas Pyrek ]
Synthetic for $12 a gallon does sound good! We don't need to lower the cold number but that's how it comes so that's ok. Thanks for the advice.
I am running the Rotella in my 95 LT1, mildly cammed so reving a tad higher than stock and sofar I really like it. It will be awhile before I do and analysis or anything, but sofar so good.
Just because it turned black, doesn't mean much. If you got that much mileage from Pennzoil......if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I don't think by now that switching to a higher dollar oil this late in the game is going to make a difference in engine longevity. I mean, Pennz. is a really good non-synthetic and used by ka-gillions of us. I have a '90 Olds with 180K on it. Nothing but Pennz. purebase and all is good. Granted, I'm probably older than your son and the engine has never seen 5K rpm, but it still running strong with good oil pressure and great mileage.
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