High Milege Dino Oils

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Sep 6, 2002
Cordova, TN
I was looking at some dino oils today to use after after a run of auto-rx as Franks said the dino chemistry would help seal any oil pan and/or rear main oil leaks I have subsequent to a run and drain of Auto-rx. I noticed that some dino oils are being advertised as high milege with seal conditioners, etc. The only other difference as compared to i.e.regular Castrol 10w-30 is that the high milege version isn't listed as 'energy conserving'. Does this mean a higher viscosity index and/or less friction modifiers? Does anyone know the real or tehnical difference of these oils against each other within the dino family of oils...another words, a Castrol 10w-30 vs a Castrol 10w-30 High Milege? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks...
Generally speaking, the high mileage oils contain a bit of esters in them to slow down leaks, and they also are generally on the thicker side of their respective viscosities too. They sometimes contain more antiwear additives too, although with the SL formulations some of them (like Maxlife) stopped doing this.
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