High Mileage Recommendation

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Jun 2, 2003
Palmdale CA
All I have a '91 Accord which has 137 K miles on it. Seems it has a rear seal leak which AutoRx has not fixed, second dose about to be started, so maybe it will clear up. Curretly running 15 40 Super Tech Dino for the Auto RX treatments. So which of the high mileage oils that are on the market would be a good match for my car after I'm done? I would like a oil with lots of Molly, and the usual grab bag of seal conditioners. Comments/Suggestions
SteveON, I've been quite happy with the PennZoil High Mileage formula. My old car was a 1991 Civic with 170k on the clock that this worked quite well in. Bogatyr
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