High Mileage Oil

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Dec 15, 2002
Hello, Just found this board yesterday....a day late. I just got a 91 Honda Prelude with 190,000 miles. When I got it it seemed to run clean but after I changed the oil it has been smoking badly. I know I made the wrong choice now after reading some posts here. I used 5w30 mobile1 synthetic. I guess I should've used a thicker non synthetic oil. I just finished dumping in some restore and it's barely smoking at all right now but I'm not sure how long it'll last. I plan on changing the oil again this week and I just wanted to ask the oil wizards here what I should use? After I change the oil should I put in more Restore? Thanks much, Rich
I used to have a 91 Prelude. It smoked bad as well. I learned they almost all have a problem with the rings. I don't recall if they wear prematurely or they get stuck from deposits. A mechanic bought mine after I wrecked and told me the problem was the rings too, but I didnt ask more. Check out some Prelude websites to verify. I'd stay away from that Restore. And if the rings are getting stuck I would use Auto-RX.
Ah, you must have the B21A 2.1 litre motor. They are notorious for smoking. I don't remember exactly the reason, I think it had to do with the cylinder sleeves. The 2.0 liter was iron-renforced sleeves and the 2.1 was something else. I used to hear about this all the time when I used to go to hondaprelude.com when I owned a 90' Si. I replaced the motor in mine when the TB belt broke prematurally. If you decided to get the smoke problem fixed, I suggest you purchase a used JDM B20A motor with approx. 30-40k miles. I got one for $728.00 and it ran awesome, and with warranty too. Can't beat that cosidering how much in labor it will cost you to just fix the rings and machine the head.
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