High mileage car and GC?

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Apr 7, 2005
I recently purchased some GC for 111K miles you honda prelude. I purchased teh prelude approximatly 3 weeks ago, so I don't know what oil the previous owner used; purchased vehicle at a honda stealership. So, my question is, should I have any problems running GC on a higher mileage car with unknown oil used prior? Thanks in advance.
ludiferino, [Welcome!] If we knew the car's history and it was just the mileage or the previous type oil used that you were worried about, I would say "Don't Worry [Be happy]" (OK I couldn't resist) because I put GC in my Taurus at about 111K and it is working beautifully. If it would make you feel better, run one short OCI (enough to tell if it is burning or leaking), and if all is well, treat it to the Elixer of Love, Life, Happiness and Helpful Honda Healing.
195k, GC is not burning or leaking. On your application, I would do a quickie run/flush of a cheap dino (15w-40 Delo) oil first.
I have a `93 Volvo 245 w/200k miles, but I won't put GC in it. For some reason, old Volvo red blocks just like thicker oils. It gets 10W30 Chevron/Havoline dino, every 4k miles.
Originally posted by ludiferino: what is Delo, I assume it's a brand of oil.
ld, It is an HDEO... from Chevron: Heavy Duty Motor Oils Chevron Delo® 400 Multigrade SAE 15W-40 Chevron Delo 400 Multigrade heavy duty motor oil is an industry leading, super premium quality "universal" engine oil which exceeds industry and engine manufacturers' performance requirements. It is formulated utilizing the most advanced additive technology available to provide outstanding engine protection under both pre- and post-1998 EPA exhaust particulate emissions standards for on highway diesel trucks, using both high and low sulfur diesel fuels. Chevron Delo 400 Multigrade is formulated with ISOSYN™ base stocks, which rival synthetics in critical engine tests and an optimal blend of the latest technology in dispersant, detergent, oxidation inhibition, antiwear, corrosion inhibition, viscosity improver, and defoaming additives.
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