HI-VIZ® Litewave H3™ Tritium/Litepipe versus TRUGLO® Tritium PRO Night Sights

Dec 8, 2006
Looking at two pistols. One has the HI-VIZ Litewave H3 Tritium/Litepipe sights, and the other model has the TRUGLO Tritium Pro sights.

Pros and cons of each? Cost is negligible between the two. Both are factory installed by the manufacturer of the pistol.

This pistol will be used mainly for self-defense / home protection... so having something useful in low light would be a bonus.

From what I've seen. the HI-VIZ Litewave sight tubes can easily be swapped out for customization or for when they start to dim or for different color combinations.

The TRUGLO are more of an enclosed unit, and would seem to be better protected against damage. The Lightwave units are more exposed and open.