Hey guys, watch this!

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About the only value I got out of that, is what not to do to your gas grill. Oh, and what not to put into your kitchen dishes.

It shouldn't be necessary here at BITOG to point out all the errors in this "test". To call it a test is a real stretch. That implies some reasonable amount of scientific methods. The real coup de grace is when he ignites the Mobil 1 by spilling it over the edge of the pan. Do you think that was intentional? In my industry, we would call this a No Test, meaning that errors resulted in the test results being invalid.

The sad part is, there may be people out there that will actually believe that Mobil 1 is inferior in self ignition temperature.
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This is bad.

He tips the baking sheet and spills some oil so that it catches on fire from the open flame of his grill. The "experiment" certainly tested positive: for him being a moron.

How is this relevant to your engine? Is there an open flame inside your crank case?

I want my 12 minutes back.
oh and its 10w30 vs 10w40

he spills it..

and also IR thermometer can be very inaccurate on reflective surfaces such as... cookie sheets.
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Well thats 12 minutes of my life wasted.

Stupid on my part i should have known better than to watch this.
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Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he took the time and attempted to do a comparison video for others. But after seeing the final product, it probably wasn't worth actually posting on the interenet.

That video requires a video response:
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The Liqui Moly oil looks strange. I`ve never seen gray oil before.

I used some in a motorcycle I had back in the late '70's. Afterwards, I never was convinced that it was a good thing.
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