Hey! Bob Is Back!

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Jul 1, 2002
Auburn Hills, Michigan
Bob is back!

Great to have you back Bob,
I know all of us have been praying and wishing the best for you to recover
Welcome back Bob!

(Bob just posted a update on his Ford Escort in
the 'Used Oil Analysis')
No wonder I missed it. I barely ever go that board, because I get riled up each time I start reading the non-oil-related topics.

Anyway, glad that Bob is back.
I know how you feel Bob...had a heart attack last summer..dual ango's and stents installed...bites at my age..48..just tell the doctors if your meds blow..had to change a few of mine...they were worst than the fricken heat attack...it will getting better everyday...walk as often as you can...best medicine for me...welcome back!
Bob I don't really know ya but everyone here thinks highly of ya!
Good to see ya!
WELCOME BACK BOB! The web site is as good as when you left (it fact we now have many new members). And with you back and all of the new blood it will only get better!
Bob, you're the life of the party here. It just isn't the same without you. We've long been looking forward to seeing you active again. This just makes my day.
Great to see you Bob back!

God bless you and your family.

Praying for you Bob,keep your spirits up!
Here is my edukated rekommendation:

-Do an ARX treat.
-Run Mobil 1 15W-50.
-Take a daily 2oz dose of FP and 3oz of Neutra.

That should get you back to normal within a few days!

Welcome back!
Glad to have you back Bob. Hope you are able to join the French (Freedom…) paradox world soon. We’ve sincerely missed you. Give your car good oil, you good omega-3 oil and red wine (if you are permitted), and continue to thrive on life and your passions. You have truly been an inspiration to all of us here, especially in your absence.

While I know little about Bob or his lifestyle, other than his shared passion for lubrication, I have personally given renewed consideration to the types of oils I put into my body (my engine) since his diagnosis. I fervently think we should, on an on going basis, think about the type and quality of oil and additives (antioxidants) we put into our bodies. I hope many here agree.

Just a thought, never a criticism…

Darren Cousineau, MPH
also National BJCP Beer Judge
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