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Oct 1, 2002
North TX
I sell boats for a living and most contain Volvo sterndrives. The engines are actually GM marinized by Volvo. Synthetic lower unit lube and synthetic engine oil are REQUIRED for warranty purposes. The catch is that they require their own brand (what a surprise) of lubes be used. Right on the oil fill cap it says 30weight synthetic only. We have it in 55 gallon drums and it clearly states synthetic 30. I am curious as to the maker of this oil and if there is actually such a thing as a straight 30 in a synthetic. It seems all are multi-vis except this one.
The Volvo product doesn't have the color of the RP. There is no hint on the label as to who makes it for them, if indeed it is outsourced.
I didn't realize Schaeffers made synthetics in single weights. I will consider them.

I had dismissed Amsoil because they don't make a single weight in my 40W application -- yes, they do make a 30 single W synthetic.
It is obvious that I have never searched for straight 30 synthetics. There are plenty to choose from, it seems. I still wonder whose oil this actually is beneath the Volvo label?
GM is fond of using Mobil synthetics but they are often publicized on everything.

So if they require they own synthetic, the customre gets it for free??
The Amsoil 30wt synthetic meets the Volvo VDS spec ...their more expensive Series 3000, 5w-30 (my recommendation) meets the Volvo VDS-2 spec, as well as ACEA A3/B3 and CI-4.

I have customers running the Series 3000 in 7.4L Mercruiser applications that call for 25w-40. It is completely shear stable and provides comparable wear protection to their 15w-40 Marine engine oil....

Dixie Synthetics
"Your parts department and the MSDS they should have or can get will be your best resource for the answer to your topic question."

The parts department has no clue and couldn't care less. I hadn't considered the MSDS, thanks, I'll look into that.

To correct a statement earlier Volvo does not require their products but any alternate must meet their specs.

Mercruiser recommends the 25W40 oil because they are the only ones that have it. It is a synth blend. Odd how both Volvo and Mercruiser use exactly the same engines, with one exception, and how different their respective oil recommendations are.
If you'd like to set up a controlled test of the Amsoil 30wt synthetic - supported by periodic oil analysis - please let me know. I can demonstrate to your satisfaction that it will work at least as well (and last longer) then the Volvo synthetic, which is probably an ExxonMobil or Chevron/Phillips product.

Dealer and commercial prices on the Amsoil products are very competitive. In fact, the Amsoil oil is probably less expensive than what you are buying now ...

I thought you were the power at work ...

Seriously though, If you happen to find a data sheet on this oil, I'd be interested in seeing the numbers, particularly the TBN and VI ...

"So if they require they own synthetic, the customre gets it for free??"

Not a totally screwy question. I'm no expert on Magnesson-Moss, but I always thought requiring a product or service-- brought it into the relm of free as well. Of course they could get around that by simply making a unique spec. On second thought maybe it applies to services only.
Originally posted by Grease is the word:
[QB] Royal Purple is the only company that I have found that makes 30 and 40 single weight synthetics.
There are others. In fact the Big boys make it private label....
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