Here's another example of ridiculous dealership recommendations

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A valve adjustment is suppose to be done every 30k for Hondas, that's at least what Honda Motor Co. says. No Krex. For the most part, I think that is a good list (though, having a dealership do a lot of those little things you could do yourself is going to be a rip off) , and if you had that done every 30k, things are going to be in great shape!
It's just an excuse for them to charge you $300-$500 for nothing. Do everything yourself: OC, rotate tires, air filter, etc., and save your $$. I've never done the dealer "checkups", and have never had any warranty problems in the 15 vehicles I have owned. Do your own maintenance, and document it.
vad, lube weatherstrips on a BMW is no joke. They tend to squeak if not lubed with Gummi pflege (or similar) a couple of times a year. Bit of pain, however, BMWs do drive great!
Those services are NOT the ones reccomended by HONDA. That stealership is WAY out of line and is using 1980's maintenance schedules. Honda's rec's are at 10k mile intervals and there is no valve adjustment until 110k miles. DANG!!!!! I see they are 30 miles from me. Man, I would have never thought it would be so tough to find a good, REASONABLE Honda dealer to do service around here.
My wife has a 2004 Honda Odyssey EX. I don't know if there is an easier way, but you havent lived till you have replaced cabin air filter on one of those. I had to actually cut a piece of plastic crossbracing off to even get at it. I went by the Haynes manual. What was Honda thinking in making it innaccessible? I like the VW Jetta one. Remove for screws in the engine compartment and there it is.
The valve adjustment on Hondas is a critical element of a good maintenance program. Honda builds a generally reliable car. But it is not necessairily a low maintenance car. Honda does NOT recommend ATF changes at 30,000 miles. They do NOT recommend oil filter changes for 10,000 - 20,000 intervals using FRAM oil filters. They do NOT recommend any type of synthetic fluid (for that matter, the only fluid they do recommend is the stuff with Hondas name on it). And they do NOT recommend valve adjustments for 100,000+ miles. On the other hand, they do NOT offer a 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty. My point is, if you chose to follow Hondas recommendations, they are only liable for any damage these recommendations cause for the first 3 years, 36,000 miles (5 year, 60,000 on 2006 models). Each owner must decide for him or herself what type of maintenance schedule makes sense to them. Personally, I think 30,000 mile valve adjustments is "cheap" insurance to promote a long-lasting vehicle. Glen
Like a few other folks said, if they get all that work done for a reasonable price, that car will last forever. Silicon lube for weatherstripping is important so that the the rubber doesnt lose its flexibility and ability to seal properly. I do all my car maintanence myself, so I wouldn't buy into the package, but for someone else who doesn't know much about cars (and/or doesn't care to know), I'd say let that dealership take care of it for them.
Sure any one can do that stuff themselfs but how many do??? I have seen the *** that most people pull into a garage in. OCI 9000 miles or once every 1-2 years as needed never lube or rotate anything, replace the belts after it snaps and leaves you stranded on the side of the road etc... Most people do not come close to properly maintaining a vechile! People never seem to have the time or the money to do small chaep maintnece until it cost them an engine then they just want to trade it in or sell it!
The Honda dealers around here are tough to deal with. I tried to buy a Pilot in 03, and gave up. I did not like Honda sales people or paying $1k over sticker. The 4Runner I did buy was a plesant experience, got a good discount and am very happy with the vehicle. The Totota Service Manager went over the TSB's for 4Runners, with me. There was one on the throttle control for the V6 (I bought a V8), and a sunroof one for a rattle (which was applied to mine at about 10k miles, when the rattle finally showed up). He also said that the batch mine came in with had one spare tire damaged, and they wanted to take mine down and check it before I left. When I was looking at the Pilot, I asked about the Pilots that were being recalled on the lot for an idler pulley. I had the range of SN's and asked if they were doing the service before delivery. I was told that there was never a TSB for any Honda and that their maintenance record was spotless, this from the service manager. He also said they never had any transmission problems and that it was just an internet hoax. So I went into the parts department and asked about the transmission kit for the fix. The counterman said they replace a transmission every other week or so, and install about 3-5 kits a week, this in 03. I asked about the idler pulley on different V6's and he said they had replaced 11 of them and more waiting for parts. He said they were not replacing them until after the vehicle was sold, and brought back for service, but sent the paperwork in while still on the lot. Other Honda dealers made similar statements. One said the the TSB were confidential and none of my business. Two said that taking a Honda to anyone besides a dealer would immediately void the warranty. One service manager told me that Honda fluids were special and if I mixed them with other inferior fluids I would void the warranty and damage the vehicle. One told me that they did not recommend 5w-20 because they had better knowledge of local condition and used 5w-30. That's technically legal, but the statement that they know better is difficult to believe, especially from a service manager that said that synthetic's cause leaks, swell gaskets and will damage the engine if mixed with conventional oil, all this from a service department that had 'Valvoline 10w-30' on the bulk oil barrels in the back of the service department (I looked), after recommending 5w-30. One service manager told me if I had so many questions about Honda's that I should go buy some piece of [email protected] like a Toyota, and I did.
You all forgot to look at the 15000 mile service recommendation from the same dealership! 15,000 miles or 12 months Change Engine Oil & Oil Filter (up to 4 quarts) Check Tire Pressure Check & Replenish All Fluid Levels Inspect Belts & Hoses Rotate Tires - Inspect for Wear Clean & Service Battery Inspect Front & Rear Brakes Adjust Clutch (If Applicable) Install KREX Graphite Super Lubricant Inspect Lights & Wipers Inspect Air Filter Install KREX Fuel System & Injector Cleaner Lube Door Hinges Lube Weatherstrips Inspect CV Boot Replace Transmission Fluid Replace Calve Cover Gasket Adjust Valves Rotate & Computer Balance Tires 49 Point Safety Check
The Honda dealer wanted $75 to change the cabin air filter on a 2001 Odyssey. Does that sound right? On my 4Runner it takes a phillips screw drive, empty the glove box, remove one screw and exhcnage the filter. It takes five minutes. The service writer told my daughter it took an hour.
The Honda dealer wanted $75 to change the cabin air filter on a 2001 Odyssey. Does that sound right? On my 4Runner it takes a phillips screw drive, empty the glove box, remove one screw and exhcnage the filter. It takes five minutes. The service writer told my daughter it took an hour.
I worked at a car dealership during college days about 20 years ago. I know for a fact then the service dept charged whatever the shop manual indicated for a given repair. If the shop manual indicated an hour, you were charged for an hour, even if the tech finished it in 15 minutes. Of course, the reverse is also true: if it took the tech 2 hours to do an hour job, you were only charged for an hour. I don't know for a fact, but I can't see that having changed within the last 20 years.
I bought a cabin air filter for my mom's 2001 Civic from AutoZone for $19.99. I called the dealer and they wanted $69.99 to replaced 2 filters that looked like they cost $2 to manufacture. Buy the shop manual for what ever car you own......and get your hands dirty.
Yea, you have to cut that piece of plastic when replacing the cabin/AC filters in the Odysseys. That's what all the techs do anyway.
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