Here's another example of ridiculous dealership recommendations

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Aug 30, 2004
Dealership recommended 30,000 miles or 24 months service.

Change Engine Oil & Oil Filter (up to 4 quarts)
Check Tire Pressure
Check & Replenish All Fluid Levels
Inspect Belts & Hoses
Rotate Tires - Inspect for Wear
Clean & Service Battery
Inspect Front & Rear Brakes
Adjust Clutch (If Applicable)
Install KREX Graphite Super Lubricant
Inspect Lights & Wipers
Inspect Air Filter
Install KREX Fuel System & Injector Cleaner
Lube Door Hinges
Lube Weatherstrips
Inspect CV Boot
Replace Transmission Fluid
Replace Valve Cover Gasket

Adjust Valves

Rotate & Computer Balance Tires

49 Point Safety Check
Replace Distributor Cap
Replace Brake Fluid
Replace Distributor Rotor
Replace Spark Plugs
Replace Air Filter
Inspect Suspension Bolts, Struts & Shocks

This is the first dealer I've seen, that has recommended scheduled replacement of a valve cover gasket.
While I agree the valve cover gasket is overkill, I don't see whats wrong with this list. Sure, it is excessive, but for the anal car types this dealer is great. If they actually did all the work listed, the car would be in great shape.

To bad I don't drive a Honda, or live close to tht dealer. I would consider taking my car there.
If they adjust the valves, they'll need a gasket - but at 30k??

Yeah I agree with Palut - what's with the Krex?

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To me, a valve adjustment @ 30K seems ridiculous, unless the engine has a history of burning valves. Otherwise, I'd do it at the time of the timing belt change.

For a comparison, here's what my local Toyota dealer does for their 30K service:

Drain/fill transmission and differential fluids
Rotate 4 tires
Replace Engine Air Cleaner Element
Oil/Filter Change
Top-Off Fluids
Drain/Fill Engine Coolant
Replace Spark Plugs (non-platinum)
Re-torque Body Bolts

And they charge $299.95 for this service.

Plus, if you have a newer Toyota sedan with the extended-life Iridium plugs and integrated final drive unit with the transmission, the "meat" of the 30K service is only as follows:

Drain/Fill ATF ($40)
Replace Air Filter ($20)
Drain/Fill Coolant ($40)
Oil/Filter Change ($30)
Wow, go look at the site. They actually recommend the valve adjustment (and valve cover gasket) at 15k!

Wow, go look at the site. They actually recommend the valve adjustment (and valve cover gasket) at 15k!

Yeah, it looks like it's every 15k miles!!!

That's exactly why I don't take my cars into the dealer to be serviced and say, "do the 30,000 mile service". A replaced valve cover gasket, transmission overhaul, and $1000 later, you are on your merry way!!
You forgot to add something to the list:

-Install a genuine FRAM oil filter.


I'd omit the Krex.
There is a redundancy in rotating the tires, and the balancing job - they'll probably charge for both.
If they replace the air filter, why charge to inspect it?
A hydraulic clutch can have the pedal height adjusted [which determines the clutch travel], and the actuating pushod freeplay adjusted.
Many of the 'checks' are very quick visual tests.
How much for all of this, is the bottom line.
Out of curiosity, I sent the local Honda dealership an e-mail in request for a copy of their 60K service list. Here's what they came back with:


Oil and Filter Change
Replace Engine Air Cleaner Element
Replace In-Cabin Microfilter
Replace Brake Fluid
Drain and Refill Transmission Fluid
Complete Brake Inspection
Battery Load Test and Battery Cable Cleaning
Inspect Suspension
Adjust Drive Belts

Not the least expensive nor most comprehensive list
, but much more reasonable.


Originally posted by G-Man II:
You forgot to add something to the list:

-Install a genuine FRAM oil filter.



Well, the Honda OEM filter is usually of a "modified" FRAM Tough Guard design. ;p
What model? Year?

My Honda dealer has a similar 30k service "package," but without the valve adjustment, transmission fluid, dist. rotor & cap, and spark plugs.

In fact, they don't expect to replace the transmission fluid until 100k at my dealer. (I told them to do it at 50k.)

Sounds to me like your dealer is a fleecing artist.
Most european cars have 2 years, 30000 km (18750 miles) normal service interval (and OCI).
Some VAG products have 2 years, 50000 km (31250 miles) normal service intervall but I think they went back to 30000 km.
Someone needs to get some of this Krex snake oil stuff and do an anaylsis of it.

The advanced automotive engine runs hot and tight. Tough demands are made on lubricants. Conventional automotive oils cannot withstand the intense heat and pressure generated, breaking down at temperatures as low as 350°F. Yet, automotive engines reach temperatures as high as 1,250°F. Only graph- ite can continue lubrication at these temperatures and beyond (up to 5,000°F).

Link at the bottom of this page -

Personally, if they put that stuff in my new vehicle I'd be calling the manufacturer and asking for an extended powertrain warranty...
Well, I know GM is going to a system that uses two different maintence lists. They have maintence list "A" and "B" when the OLM goes off you take it to the dealership and they will change the oil and try to sell you all of the services listed on list "A" or "B". It has long been rather common for imports to have preprogramed large maintnece lists at fixed intervals like 30,000 , 75,000 , 120,000 etc....This is in addition to the normal maintnece. It is usualy full of inspect or replace itiems like belts, hose's, cap, rotor etc.......
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