Here is the situation....

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Apr 23, 2007
So my parents have a beat to [censored] poorly maintained 97 F150 with a 4.6. The truck gets used for a variety of tasks from people moving to trailer towing. I was using the truck last weekend towing a trailer and noticed some upper end noise coming out of the engine when it really started getting worked...

I know that oil can't make up for massive abuse and neglect, but what would you guys runs at the next change which is coming up quick.
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I'm tempted to do a full ARX treatment but my cheap [censored] parents won't pay...

Then as a Good Son, you should pay for it.
ARX would be nice but at 20.00 a bottle, that would suck footing the bill. I would say run any oil, maybe a couple of short OCI's. That's probably more than your parents would do on their own.
How much money do you want to throw at a poorly maintained 12 year old truck? And what is the problem, anyway? "upper end noise"?

Switch to Maxlife.
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It's got a light upper end tick...

Maybe I'm just used to my dead quiet 4.6's... but the engine sounds terrible in the truck....

Oh, I see what you're saying now. How many miles does the truck have?

+1 on the quiet MarkVIII motor
If they can't be bothered with servicing it properly then why should you?

Now if you want to experiment for fun, get some ARX and use a quality dino oil like Pennzoil YB for the clean/rinse phases and then post your results!
leave it alone, you change the oil, the engine fails. guess whose fault it is? your dad will give you a
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My only concern is that I use the truck occasionally... I just have a very hard time driving poorly maintained vehicles.

Change the oil to maxlife, pay for it, enjoy the truck when you drive it, and enjoy your parents while you have them.
I agree with the folks that say foot the bill, parents do a ton for us.

Giving back in this manner lets them know your grateful for the use of the truck.

Just my two cents
Try a pint of MMO about 1000 miles before the next OC. Its worked wonders for us over the years.

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I'm tempted to do a full ARX treatment but my cheap [censored] parents won't pay...

Try a couple bottles of CD2 "Oil Detergent" (in the yellow bottle) or try Rislone Engine Treatment (not the "oil stabilizer") along with an oil change...

That's a legendary, stout engine. I've seen those things take serious abuse without skipping a beat...
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