HEMI+PP=oil consumption!

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Jun 16, 2009
New to the board so hello to all!

I checked my oil the other day on my 05 grand cherokee with 5.7 hemi. Stick was reading just below the safe zone which in a 7qt fill is about a 1qt-1.5 loss. The oil had just under 5k. Engine only has 38k. Been running PP for at least 15k in the jeep. Usually use a 5-6k OCI. It doesn't smoke leak or show any signs of lossing oil and runs like a bat out of [censored]. Plus I don't tow with it nor do I beat it.

Iknow I'm not helping much cause I usually have the quick lube place do it plus being lazy I never checked to see what the levels ever are. This day I just so happen decided to look at it.

Is this consumption normal or are they shortening me?

I did do a change once I seen this. I didn't use PP cause I had 4qt of RP from a previous vehicle that I exchanged for the proper grade for the hemi and will follow up on the levels.

Hard to say but more than likely they are not putting in the right amount of oil. I have not heard of any consumption problems using PP in the Hemi.
to BITOG. Before I pass judgment on PP I would do an oil change myself. Unless you saw them physically open PP bottles and add them to your car, and then be 100% certain it was full you will never know. Sorry I'm not a very trusting person, especially when it comes to dealerships, and quick lube places.

Using a little oil between changes is normal for some cars. JMO
The only way to know for sure is to change it yourself to assure you put the right amount and type of oil in it in the first place.
hartz you saying chances are they are not adding what they are suppose to? Pretty ballsy move on there part cause the window viewi g the pits is right there like most places

I am running 5w20. It's MDS equipped. I wouldn't use anything else.

I have seen them add PP in 5-20 but I never paid attention to the numbers or checked the levels for certain. Guess i'm just a to trustful fool.

I really doubt it's consuming that much oil. I do believe either they screwed me or they made a mistake in some regard. My previous vehicle a STI which I abused and OCI of over 8K never lost anything measureable.
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Originally Posted By: HARTZSKY
If you think these lube places put the correct amount of oil in, especially a vehicle taking more than 5 quarts, I've got bad news for you.

+1 My bet is 99% of the oil changes get 5 qts. So the cars taking under 5 qts get over filled, cars getting over 5 qts get under filled. The remaining 1% are done correctly due to an employee that actually cares.

My advise to the OP is change the oil yourself next time to be sure.

I did it myself yesterday but used RP cause I had some older bottles I was able to exchange for 5-20.

Next change at 6k and monitored at 2k intervals will be back to PP cause RP is to much freaking money.

Plus will do a UOA.

Demar you scare me put your right. And dealers scare the shot out of me. They take your car and you never see it again till payment.
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Glad to help. If you told me that you had changed the oil yourself, confirmed that it was at the proper level and put PP in it, I would agree that you used some oil. Once the dealer touched the car, unless you watched every step, all bets are off. JMO
Changing the oil yourself allows you to know exactly what you did, how much oil you used, what oil filter you installed, etc..
My brother and I took our 1994 Honda Passport to a Valvoline oil change place. Our family had just finished moving cross-country from Washington to Ohio, so, we were still unpacking. Thus, the reason we went to the oil change place instead of doing it ourselves.
We sat in the vehicle as they worked on it in the shop/bay. At the end, the guy held up the dipstick near the drivers door, and said, "5 quarts takes it right up to the full mark."
We thanked him, paid, they gave us the receipt, and then we drove away. I looked at the bill as we were driving. It said that the shop checked all the fluids, changed the oil filter, and added 5 quarts of oil.
It bothered me, and I promised that would be the last time we took one of our vehicles in to a shop for a routine oil change. Major repairs we don't know how to fix, yes, but not oil changes.
I say that because the Passport's oil pan takes 5 quarts WITHOUT a filter change. WITH the oil filter change, it takes 5.7 quarts.
Originally Posted By: Bryanccfshr
The only way to know for sure is to change it yourself to assure you put the right amount and type of oil in it in the first place.


Also make sure that you are consistent with respect to checking your oil level. Meaning, same place, same temp, etc. I check mine cold inside my garage which has a level surface. If I check it anywhere else the reading is almost always different.
FYI: my H4 boxer consumes about half a quart in 6k miles with PP5w30. I consider this normal consumption.
I am a big MOPAR/5.7L HEMI guy( have owned 2 Rams with 5.7L personally )and I have not heard of oil consumption issues with that engine period never mind with PP. Add me to the list that the lube store did not add a full 7 qts.
If I let anyone else change my oil, I would always check the oil level as soon as I got home. It sounds like the OP did not check his oil until it had over 5,000 miles on it. I would advise he check it at least once a month until he was satisfied it was not burning any oil. I don't consider one quart in 5,000 miles excessive. Two quarts would be another story, and with regular checks, I would have added some oil just before it became one quart low.

In my 2005 Pathfinder, my present fill of M1 HM 10W30 has 7200 miles on it, and is about one third of a quart low. Vehicle now has 40,400 miles on it. The manual recommends SL oil, either 5W30, 10W30, or 10W40. It is the 4.0 V-6. I use the M1 High Mileage because it is still SL.
You don't belong her for two reasons:

1. You don't change your own oil.

2. You don't even check the oil level between changes!


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I have a 2006 Jeep with the Hemi and I do all of the oil changes myself.I drain the pan and put exactly 7qrts in her.I've noticed that I use more Pennzoil conventional and Pennzoil Platinum than other oils but I could be wrong.Either way they are great oils.Joe
I just into the habit of the local lube place doing it for me. Like i said i just did it myself the other day and plan to do all my changes myself from now on.

Dually how much consumption are you getting?
If I can read that strange dipstick right when I do my oil change and check her she is slightly over the top nash marks.i've found that Mobil-1 and Castrol Syntec do not burn off as quick.Joe
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