Help with synthetic oil viscosity for Volvo High Pressure Turbo

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Jul 2, 2003
willie03, [Welcome!] Stick with what you are doing; trust me, you are covered admirably with the M1 0W40; it is perfect for you in New sure and get a little heat into the engine before "exciting the turbo." If you were just starting out with the vehicle, I would, of course, try to get you to use the Green Potion of Turbocharged Goodness, but you are doing fine as is. We test drove an S60R before we bought our Audi twin turbo 2.7 and the salesman said you don't have to cool down the turbo before you shut it off. I don't know what yours told you, but I would let it cool down at idel for at least 30 seconds before I shut it off if you have been on the boost very much just prior to shutdown.
Good Day all, I was wondering if someone could share their thoughts and experiences. I have a 2001 Volvo S60 T5 which has a high pressure turbo motor in it. I purchased the vehicle new. Since new, (after 7500 mile break in) I have run nothing but Mobil 1 0w40 and Mann filters. My question is this. My North American owners manual dosn't really touch on synthetic usage or viscosity. They recommend 5w30 dino up to 86 degrees and 10w30 for over 86 degrees. My cousin has the same vehicle in OZ and they reccomend 5w40 synthetic. Anyone have any ideas what I should use. The car runs wonderfully on 0w40. Ive got 65,000 miles on it. Knock on wood, no problems, engine is quiet, no turbo issues. Im just a little worried because many people say that a thinner oil should be used to protect the turbo bearings. My dealer is of no help, they recommend dino oil and only offer syntec 5w50. Now Im reading 0w40 contains too many VI and may leave deposits like the 10w40 dino of yester year. My normal maintenance schedule is drain and refill every 6mo. I normally drive 6-8000 miles in that time span. 70% hwy, I normally drive the last mile or so carefully to let the turbo cool down and to let it spool down. I really just want to protect the bearing and engine as best as I can. I don't want this to be a debate between Mobil1 and Amsoil. I use both oils. I use the 10w30 in my wifes Honda Accord V6 and in our S2000. Thanks,
My choices for your turbo engine would be one of the top 5W-40 oils, a 5000 mile oil drain interval, and the Mann filter. I think the Mobil 1 5W-40 "Truck & SUV" oil is a good choice, as are the 76 & Kendall 5W-40. Red Line is always excellent, and the Amsoil is good if the price is right. Australian and some other places are accustomed to heavier viscosity oils. They have public acceptance of heavy oil like the U.S. has public acceptance of cheap oil and 3000 mile oil changes. The EPA probably pressures the car companies to use 5W-30 for that fraction better gas mileage. Ken
I agree you're fine with either the M-1 0-40 or any other synth. 5-40 or 5-50. All three of these will be A3 rated (top Euro rating) and that's all that matters with respect to a top-tier oil that will provide your Volvo a long life at 10k mi. OCI's. Do not use 5-30 or 10-30 (synth. or dino) at 10k OCI's...
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