Help with how to compare.

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Feb 9, 2004
Hi all, just thought I would see if there was anyone that could offer some advice: while I sort of, know a bit about what each additive does, what I am trying to find out and fully understand is what amounts in PPM are enough to say that one oil is clearly better, or in that particular test if you know what I mean. For example, lets say were taking Boron, oil 1 has 82 and the other has 152, does that difference justify that Oil 2 in this test is much better?, slightly better? or no real difference at all? And what would the amount of difference have to be to be noticeable or to say that one is the better in that regard. This is what I am hoping to find out for all the normal tests. Eg: what differences in PPM or even the % difference for each would be enough to say, yes that’s a better amount of: Silicon Boron Sodium Potassium Phosphorus Moly Mag Cal Zinc TBN Viscosity Index (with in the same Viscosity range) Thanks
Since quality of the basestock is so important and since organics that don't show in these simple voa's may be used, I think you've asked the impossible. We've seen a few oils that don't look so good in voa's like this give oustanding results. German Castrol is but one example.
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