help!!! trouble with junk yard!!!

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May 7, 2004
About a Month ago from now I went to those Junkyard part request where you request for a part and the person send your request to hundreds of junkyards around the US. Some dude from New York City calls me he has my part, a Spindle and a Nut, thats it. so ok.. i pay 90 bucks for the part and shipping. then i get the part in the mail but it was from Kelly's used autoparts in Minnesota who works with the dude in New York. It was the Wrong part. they gave me the whole hub, a rusty *** disc brake and a Castle nut which is the wrong nut.. no spindle. I call the guy many times, he said.. "ill get back with you within the hour and we will refund you the money" and he NEVER calls back. So i wait a week and send the part back , then call the guy again. I asked him if he got the part back, he said "yes we did, but where having trouble getting the spindle out of the Tiburon, i'll give you a call back within the hour". then after 4 more days i call him back asking him the status on that spindle.. he said "yeah were still in the process, we will all you back shortly"... he never calls back. so i wait and wait and today I asked him "whats the status on that part" ..... then he saids "Sorry but the part you sent back to us didn't have a marking made by us, so we cannot refund you the money." First of all, I didn't even touch the part, i just opened the box, took out the news paper stuffing and looked inside and the zip tie that held the Castle nut.. Just by the wieght of the box,, i kind of knew they sent me the wrong part. I kind of ***** and complain saying that i didn't touch it.... then what does he say after that? " I'll get back with you in a hour". So i'm waiting right now. this is like 8 calls. not one where he calls me back. what shall i do? geez.
If you kept all your paperwork in good shape, especially if you got a tracking number for the return, disputing the credit card charge would be the easiest. Technically, they don't have to do it because the place is over 100 miles away or something. Otherwise, and maybe before talking to the cred card company, you should send a certified letter... with return receipt. And make sure you keep a log of all your calls, date, time, who you talked to, what was said, etc.
This sounds like standard ops for every junkyard I've ever dealt with. About the only thing you can do is keep bugging the guy or reporting him to his local BBB, if he's even a member. I'd chalk it up to experience and move on.
Hope you used the US Mail to have the part delivered. Threaten him with reporting to the postal service. Fraud using the mail across state lines can be a very serious offense. Make it sound more serious than what the postal inspectors will view the matter.... it may prompt them to make good.
Dang virtual internet junkyards! If they were local you could avenge your displeasure by running through at night smashing windshields. [Big Grin] I agree with the others; stop payment on your credit card.
I'd still try the credit card route. Explain that you've been victimized and demand that the charge be reversed. I understand that they will typically take the side of the consumer in cases like this. You don't get if you don't ask.
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