Help selecting a new brand of 10W30 oil

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Feb 28, 2003
Cajun Country, La.
Now that my Wal-Mart stopped selling Chevron Supreme I need to pick a new 10W30 oil.Any suggestions?What dino 10W30s are ya'll using out there?

What are you trying to do with this oil? 3000 mile changes or do you hope to stretch it a little more? What kind of engine are you running?

If you have Costco stores near you Chevron Supreme should be available there.

I myself have used Chevron oil for years with excellent results. 2 other dinos that look interesting at a relatively low price are Citgo Superguard (Pep Boys carries this) and Pennzoil High Mileage.

Citgo Superguard has a good shot of Moly. The Pennzoil has Moly and esters. Look at the UOA section of this forum to help you decide.

Castrol GTX seems to have earned a pretty good reputation over the years. I have used it sporadically so I can't comment on it like Chevron.

good luck

PS - If you are in Florida maybe you'd want to try some Bobzoil? The price:performance ratio seems excellent.

97 F150,4.2V6,88K miles.I was considering Motorcraft.I wantrd to use Castrol until I read a post here about "stuff" left on the bottom of the bottle.I do 3k mile oil change intervals and use Motorcraft filters.I also heard Shell makes Motorcraft oil,which makes me feel comfortable about that fact.Keep the input coming!

Originally posted by GSV:
The Pennzoil has Moly and esters. Look at the UOA section of this forum to help you decide.

Where did you hear that conventional Pennzoil has ester in it?
I think most people here agree Motorcraft oil is made or at least was by Conoco. I use it in my 97 F-150 5.4 and have no problems yet. 102,000 miles so far and no consumption is noticeable at all. I use either Motorcraft or Walmart Supertech filters. Also the newer Havoline made by Chevron would be another to look at. I am pretty sure almost all Walmart stores carry that one.
My pick would be Pennzoil 10w-30 for dino. I really like this oil based on the UOA's we have been seeing. Castrol GTX and Motorcraft seem to be good too. For some reason, Mobil's dinos are not too impressive.

My 98 F-150 4.2L lived its first 100k on Penn 10w-30. I then realized what changing my oil every 40 days was costing me. I then went to Mobil 1 with 5k drains and then to Schaeffer's 15w-40 with 5k drains. Now at 140k.

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