Help!...on some GC I recently found....

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Dec 12, 2005
Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I wanted to get your opinion...alright here it goes.... I walked into a local autozone and saw castrol syntec for sale...only $3.99/qt...then I noticed they had 0w-30 in stock...I immediately looked on the serial code on the bottom...and it was an M04!! I cleaned out the whole store and another local autozone down the street...15qts of GREEN GC!!  - now, my car takes 4.5qts of oil...I wanted to stash up on 4 oil changes...that means I need 18qts in the 3 more to go...I went to another local autozone and only found this...  - This is the only one I could find...including 3 other autozones I went, from the research I have done, this is GOLD GC correct? How well does it perform? I went ahead and bought the 3qts of gold GC and wanna know if I wasted my money? [I dont know] oh btw, 18qts of GC cost me $77 out the door...not bad huh? [Smile]
Really? Why are people picking up Green GC like its red hot, if Gold GC performs just as well? Will it be okay if I mixed my Gold GC and Green GC?
It's fine to mix the green and the gold, no worries. People are snapping up the green GC because it's a known entity...the gold is still a bit of an unknown as far as how it will perform. There aren't a lot of UOA's on the gold yet, and the gold GC hasn't been analyzed to the extent that the green GC was analyzed.
Use The Gold with exhuberance and élan; it will serve you well. If you are from SoCal: it is, like so totally, like, not common or gnarly, dude. You are going to be so, like majorly stoked.
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