Help needed priming engine,,oil viscosity question?

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Aug 3, 2003
hi all,im trying to prime a fresh 460 ford,im using penrite running in oil 20w 50 grade.i cant seem to get oil to the rockers but the lifter gallerys are full and it shows 60 to 80 lbs at the gauge.its winter here at the moment and i think the oil viscosity is too thick when cold.any suggestions,everything else seems fine,it just dawned on me the oil could be too thick..thanks stu
stu, I doubt it's the viscosity of the oil. How does the oil get to the top of the big block fords ? I read an article a long time ago (hence I can't find it), that showed a pair of gallery plugs with tapered "points" on them, which was designed to stop them from blocking an oil passage to the top end. Article stated that a flat bottomed plug would eliminate oil flow to the top end. But I can't remember which big Ford ot was, FE, Lima, SOHC, whatever. If the 460 has oiling up through the lifters, then please disregard everything above this sentence.
oil gets to the rockers on a hyd lifter motor by the action of the pushrod into the lifter plunger - the body fills with oil, the upward motion of the lifter runs into valve spring resistance, thereby depressing the plunger and sending a little oil into the hollow pushrod, repeat a few thousand times per minutes and the requisite squirts get up to the rockers. I dont think in all my years, any drill primings have ever flowed oil up there (plus consider, the groove in the lifter might not be near the oil passage as all the lifters are in different stages of lift - although this is allevieated if you are also spinning the motor by hand as you prime like you should (purges air from the crank etc)
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