Help! My cars rattle when I start em.

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
Car #1 is a 2002 jeep with the 4.0 I6 and 18k miles. I have tried Purolator and Wix filters on it. Both must have drained back because it sits for 3 days and I could hear a loud knock that sounded like a rod when I started it.It went Clunk,Clunk,Clunk. Lasted about 5 seconds. I'm running 10w-30 amalie oil and a Purolater 14670 filter.

#2 is a 73 International pickup with the I.H. 392 v8. Engine is a puppymill rebuild with 30k on it. With thin oil like 10w-30 it takes about 10-12 seconds to get pressure, it knocks and the lifters click untill it gets pressure.

I ran 15w-40 Penns long life and a wix 51068 filter. It really took a long time to get pressure. I drained the oil back to sae 30 and changed the filter in 200 miles.

I have straight Sae 30 Havoline in it now and a ST #43 oil filter on it. It will get pressure in 3 seconds after starting it with 30wt. It actully calls for the #8 Ford filter but I think that the smaller filter will fill up faster than the larger one.

So I assume that the filters are draining back and I guess this is not good for my bearings.

Both engines are spotlesly clean inside.Any ideas?
I have an aftermarket filter on my Outback currently during an Auto-Rx rinse period and the oil is draining back I believe as its noisy at startup. Replacing filter with Subaru OEM (Purolator?) tomorrow and see what happens.
I had a 80 T-Bird that did the same thing and a mechenic told me that the knock was metal to metal contact between the crank and the main bearings. When the knock went away was when the oil pressure built up.
For both of them I would suggest that you go to any Mopar dealer and get a bottle of their anti - scuff fluid. Then I would use it, and see if it did not quiet things down. Engine Oil Supplement, Part Number 4318002

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...I would run 15w-40 in both of these vehicles, but at least give the 15w-40 a chance...I've noticed oil pressure coming up to a little over 30p.s.i almost instantly after start-up in my Chevy (4.3L V-6 running Delo 15w-40)

...It definitely could have been your filter with a faulty anti-drainback valve. Change filter, and while your at it, I'd suggest going to the oversize version of the L14670, L30001.

Delvac 1300 and Pennz. Long-Life both have moly now, and that will help prevent a good deal of any irregular metal-to-metal contact on cold starts after it "plates-up" and probably quiet it down a good bit.
I have owened International Scouts in the past and also had trouble with oil filters draining back and causing a connecting rod knock on startup. A little history, in the 1970's and 1980's I found that Fram PH19 was the best filter to use on an International V-8 to prevent drainback. Fram quit making these in the early 90's and recommended using a standard Ford PH8A. The PH8A did not hold oil very well and my startup knock returned. I tried several other filters until I found a AC Delco PF960 did a very good job and prevented startup knock. I sold the trucks about 1995 so I don't know if these are still available but check out the AC Delco web site and search for parts then oil filters.

I also would recommend going with a thicker oil. On any older car or truck that does not have a catylic converter I would use a heavy duty motor oil that is both gasoline and diesel engine rated. If you think 10w30 is the way to go try to find some Citgo Citiguard 10w30 oil. It is SH rated and has a boatload of AW additives. If it was my truck I would run 15w40 like a Rotella T or Delo 400. The only passenger car motor oil I would run would be 20w50 which I feel would work quite well in this engine.
If you lack oil pressure on start up, maybe you need to start out with low cold viscosity oil so the pump can push it up faster. I would try a 5W30. If that doesn't do it, maybe spring for one of the 0W-40's. They say most wear comes on cold start up. Get something in there that flows on start up.
The Jeep 4.0 is the same as it was before the introduction of 5w30 and it runs well on Delo 15w40 unless you are talking super cold startups. I never ran anything lighter.
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