Help me pick an oil for a honda odyssey

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May 12, 2004
I just bought an 02 Honda Odyssey with 36k miles. Most cars I usally keep to 150k and beyond, but Im not sure about this one. We may go up to 80 to 100 or we may to beyond. My delima, If I could afford to, I would run M1 5-30 oil and be done with it. But I cannot afford the M1. I need a 12.00 per 5 qt or less oil. The honda specs 5-20. Ive seen some castrol gtx, penzoil in the 5-20 and some castrol semi syntec in the 5-30. Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
I also prefer to use M1, but the budget says other at times. I have had the best luck with Castrol oils...the dino, High Mileage and Syntec blend have done very well for me! With only 36M on the dial, the 5W-30 castrol syntec should be great. And being a Honda, the engine should take very well to Castrol 5W-20, too! Both have shown great UOA. I have no experience with 5W-20, but we've found the Castrol Syntec Blend to be very robust for our uses, giving great oil pressure, staying clean and on others it's given good UOA. Good luck!!
We run Pennzoil dino 5W-20 in our 02 Accord V6. The Conoco/Motorcraft 5W-20 has also shown good UOAs on this board. Both have substantial additive packages. You'll find support on this board for both dino and synthetics for Hondas. You should have no problem getting past 100K, even to 200K, running either dino or synthetic (or blends), with proper overall maintenance. Also keep an eye on the transmission, use only Honda ATF, check it every 15 K miles, probably replace the ATF every 30K, maybe less. We change the dino oil in our 02 Accord every 3,500 miles +/-.
Bought some of the Motorcraft/Conoco syn blend 5W-20 at Mal-Wart yesterday; $1.42/qt. Probably your best 5W-20 "bang for the buck."
I see you're in Georgia... it might be best if you run a fully synthetic 10W-30 year round for maximum protection and shear resistance. The xW-20 is only recommended because we're in the US, and CAFE/EPA plays a big role in what oils go into the engine. Overseas in hot climate areas, the same engine might be getting fed synthetic xW-40 or xW-50 (that is the case for Toyota and Ford engines, specifically the Ford modular 4.6/5.4 engines that get shipped from the US to whatever country).
Originally posted by 90runner: But I cannot afford the M1. I need a 12.00 per 5 qt or less oil.
M1 should go 7500 - 10000 miles between changes. So factor that into the equation when figuring out how much oil changes will cost you... $12.00 per 5qts? My suggestion is Walmarts's SuperTech Full Synth. I'm using it currently in my 04 Saturn Vue (same Honda V6 engine as yours) and runs great. Hard to beat a group III oil for $12 per jug. Toss in a SuperTech 7317 filter for $1.97 and have you have a great deal for about 5000 miles, maybe even 7500 miles... [Cheers!] [ May 26, 2004, 09:23 AM: Message edited by: ToyotaNSaturn ]
I agree with metroplex. If you don't want to spend the money for full syn all the time, think about running M1 10w30 the hottest summer months, then run the Motorcraft/et al 5w20s the rest of the year. If you want to look at UOAs and decide for yourself, I suggest you pay particular attention to Honda V6 and GM UOAs, not the Ford, Mazda (read Ford), Honda 4 cyls UOAs. My 2 cents.
Motorcraft probably has the most used oil analysis posted here of any blend, followed by the Pennzoil and Castrol GTX. I would feel confident using any of these in a 5w20 application. All are great oils at relative bargain prices.
I think Im going with the pennzoil at this time. I need to change it this evening and I saw some at the Wally place the other day. Then I can do more reading and decide if that will be my oil of choice or not based on the driving we do.
Originally posted by mikemc: Motorcraft probably has the most used oil analysis posted here of any blend
Yes, but I think most of those are on engines of the Ford modular design. Low milage engines of similar design will probably give good UOAs no matter what oil is put in them. I don't mean to single you out, but I see a lot of people pointing to those UOAs without taking into consideration of the many other variables involved. There's no reason anybody should believe me on this point so I humbly suggest that you take a look at the universal averages on those engines and compare them to something like the universal averages on LS1 type engines and I think you'll see my point. The more I learn, the more respect I have for the specialized field of Tribology and people like Terry Dyson. [ May 27, 2004, 11:35 AM: Message edited by: 427Z06 ]
"I think I'm going with the Pennzoil at this time." Leaving out Mobil 1 0W20, this would have been my pick as well. [Cheers!] --- Bror Jace
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