Help Me Pick an Oil For 92 Explorer

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Apr 25, 2004
The engine is a 4.0 OHV engine, and Ford specifically does NOT recommend a 20 weight for this engine. 5w30 is recommended in the owners manual, and 10w30 is acceptable. The engine has 165,000 miles on it and uses about 1 qt every 1000 miles due to slight leaks and some internal consumption. I don't want to use an expensive oil (i.e. synthetic) because of the consumption. The vehicle is used on short trips around town - soccer mom style. Summer temps are in the mid 90s, and winter temps get as low as 10 degrees. But we keep it in a garage, so it never sees cold starts in this range. Looking at UOAs of various oils, it seems all the dino 5w30 and 10w30 oils shear down to a 20 weight or near 20 weight. 10w40 oils shear down to 30 weight. Are there any 30 weight dino oils that won't shear? Should I use a 10w40? Should I mix some HDEO 15w40 and 5w30? Other suggestions?
Have you thought about a high mileage verson of Castrol or Chevron, Pennzoil, etc? They seem to be a bit heavier than normal dino oils and are supposed to help stop and prevent leaking seals. They aren't much more expensive than normal oils, maybe around $2.50 or so, at least around here. And of course, I'm sure someone is going to recommend an AutoRX treatment, which I agree with.
I'm only about 300 miles into the rinse phase, but if, after 97K miles on my engine with no leaks, it suddenly starts leaking I will be slightly annoyed.
I like the idea of the Chevron High Mileage 10W-30. Specs can be found here:$FILE/PCMO-15.pdf High end 30 Vis at 100C. And they claim it has seal conditioners. It'd be interesting to see a UOA of this stuff. I wouldn't go more than 3K mi at first until we know how this stuff holds up. Although if you add a qt every 1K mi, you may be able to go longer. Hopefully you can find this at someplace like Walmart for less than $2/qt. Otherwise Delvac 1300, at $1.70/qt (Walmart) might be worth a try.
I have a 1993 Ranger 4 liter 4 X 4, which I believe to be the same set up, I have 150,000 miles on mine, and have used Amsoils S3000 5W-30 with a Wix 1773 filter with OCI`s of 10,000 miles. The filter holds another quart wich I like which makes it a 5 Quart capacity. So far so good. I`m going to do a UOA this time at 10,000 and see how things are and see if I can go farther.
Originally posted by C4Dave: Should I use a 10w40? Should I mix some HDEO 15w40 and 5w30? Other suggestions?
**** no ! Use the Mobil Drive Clean Plus HM Syn blend a few intervals and see where you at , in the appropriate VI of course [Razz]
My wife had a 1996 Explorer with the same engine. She sold it @ 127,000 miles and it never used any measurable oil between her 5,000 mile OCI's. The mechanic she took it to used the cheapest 10W-30 oil he could buy on sale [Roll Eyes] . Mostly this was before we met. But afterwards she still took it there to be serviced, because she didn't want anyone to tell her how to service her SUV, she's real independent [Wink] . Of course she's older now and takes her 2002 Explorer to the dealer for oil changes. [Big Grin] . But she NOW wants to have me change her oil in order to save her money, lucky me, husbands what don't they know [Roll Eyes] [Big Grin] . I'll be using the Schaeffers 5W-30 #701 Blend, of course I'm buying [Smile] . Just as a thought maybe you should try a course of Auto-RX. It might help with the burning and leakage. Whimsey
Originally posted by MarkC: And of course, I'm sure someone is going to recommend an AutoRX treatment, which I agree with.
I actually am in the process of finishing an Auto-Rx treatment on my 1993 Explorer, and I haven't been too pleased with it. I am 700 miles into the rinse phase, and the rear main is leaking now, which it has never done before. Other than the leak, I am having no problems with oil consumption. My personal oil choice for this engine: Chevron High Mileage 10W-30.
By the way, I was in Walmart yesterday and the Delvac 1300 was $5.88/gal!! That's $1.47/qt. Is that a bargain or what!!
A friend of mine uses pennzoil 10w30 in her explorer with the same engine. She has had good results with it. The truck is now way over the 100k mark and still runs quite are correct in that 5w20 is not reccomended for that engine. As I understand it that engine is a beamer knock off and as such a little heavier on the oil might be ok.
My mom has a 95 Explorer. It had M-1 5W-30 from 69000-145000, with 10000 mile OCI. Has worked great, and doesn't use a drop. It developed a slight leak at the rear main, I would guess. Three oil changes @3000M on Castrol High Mileage 5W-30 has cured the problem. The Castrol HM is like so much, we're sticking with it. Great vehicle, great engine and word is they are tough to kill with decent maintenence. I think UOAs showed either 5W or 10W -30 oils worked well.
I change the oil in my daughter's '98 Explorer with either Mobil 1 10W30 or Amsoil ASL 5W30 and have good luck with both. I use Suptech ST-8A or Amsoil's SDF-15; both good filters.
Thanks for all the replies. I looked at quite a few UOAs today, and it looks like Castrol GTX is the most shear stable of the "good" dino oils. This engine likes 5w30, but this weight tends to shear more than others. Wally World now has Pennzoil HM for $2.12 a quart. This oil has shown to be very shear stable. I think for the time being, I will use this oil. Not too expensive, and shear stable. Might even help with the leaks.
I don't know if Pennzoil HM is more shear stable than Delo, but you can't find Delo in 5w30. My quest is to find a low cost, shear stable 5w30. The low cost criteria leaves out synthetics and most blends, and the shear stable criteria leaves out most dinos. So whats left??? Pennzoil HM for $2.12 seems to be the best fit.
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