Help me pick a workshop general purpose oil.

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Feb 9, 2004
Hi all, just wondering if a few people could help me pick a General work shop oil.

The two I'm looking at are the Repco SG/CD 20w50 workshop oil(Valvoline XLD Multigrade)(highest selling oil in Aust)

And BP Visco 2000 20w50 SG/CC . Also a very popular workshop oil.

both are for pre 1990 type cars or engines in fair condition. People that just dont care what you use and only want to pay less!

The thing that's got me a bit confused is the Repco only meets SG/CD and the BP exceeds SG/CC.
So while the Reopco has a higher diesel rating the BP exceeds the SG and Repco only meets it. And to mixed it all up even more the Repco has a TBN of 7.53 while the BP is only a TBN of 5.

But the BP has a better VI Index.

I would think the low TBN is a bit of a worry and with it's lower diesel ratting. But if it exceeds the SG then wouldn't it be better?

Any help

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According to BP, the Visco 2000:

* Provides good protection for most pre 1986 petrol cars and light commercials.
* Suitable for naturally aspirated 4-wheel drives and other car-type diesels where API CC oils are recommended.

According to Valvoline, the XLD:

* A premium grade motor oil that meets the latest API SL/CF specifications.
* Provides a high level of protection against oxidation, corrosion and wear, extending engine life.
* Protects engine in a wide range of temperatures.
* Prevents sludge formation and helps keep engine clean.
* Available in SAE 10w/30, 15w/40, 20w/50.

Of the two, I'd definately go with the Valvoline (Repco) product as it carries a significantly higher API rating and is definately the better oil.
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