Help!, found a rip in my air filter today. Oil question.

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Feb 23, 2003
After a 600km drive on the highway today I did a post trip inspection and found that my air filter developed a rip in it. The hole was large since it was near the base of the cone where the filter media was attached. It wasn't there a couple days ago when I inspected it so it was recent. I plan to change the oil and and oil filter tomorrow. I am sure some dirt as well as some bug parts got sucked in. How should a go about flushing the dirt out of the engine?
Just change the oil. The dispersant action should suspend the dirt and get it out of the engine. Flushing, I think would be overkill. Anything as big as a bug has gone out the tailpipe, probably caught in the catalytic actually.
Thanks, an oil change will do. I'll know how much dirt got in since I'll have an oil analysis afterwards. Good to see another Calgarian on here =)
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Just make sure you guys stay healthy and stay indoors this weekend, I heard the smoke from the fires is pretty bad out there. [Frown]
Was this an aftermarket filter like a K&N or a paper element. Perhaps you need to find out why it got the rip in it---ie. can it happen again [I dont know] And-I aghree an oil change would be cool.
It was an OEM paper cone filter. I have no idea why it ripped but perhaps in my handling it ripped a small part of the fins on the base and thats what did it. I am usually careful so I am still not sure.
I got my oil analysis results back and all is normal. Actually, the numbers are the lowest wear and silicon out of my 3 samples. 9ppm Iron 7ppm Aluminum 6ppm Silicon. I'll post the whole analysis in the UOA section. I guess I only had that rip for a short period and it was on the bottom not in the airstream.
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