Help Decide UOA "Test"

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Mar 15, 2003
I plan to sample into an Oilguard and a Blackstone sample bottle from the same drain, to compare results. Trying to see if Oilguard comes up with a bunch of zeros again like on the last Sienna sample. I have Supertech 10W-40 in a '98 Sienna with a Motorcraft FL-400S and I have MaxLife Group III synthetic 5W-30 with a Napa Gold 1515 in a '97 Lexus LX-450. Both vehicles have 140,000 miles on the odo. I won't run the supertech past 3,000 in this engine. I could sample the LX-450 through the Fumoto anytime I choose (4-5,000) and wait on the results to decide if I want to drain. I'll go whichever route satisfies the most curiosity for the crowd here. Let me know which oil you want sampled for the Lab comparison. thanks, Tim
Well, seeing as it is a tie [Wink] I guess I'll just do whatever I want [Burnout] Tim
This will be an interesting comparison. I had a screwy UOA from Oilguard and sent a sample from the same oil to ANA Labs and their results made sense. I vote for the Maxlife Synthetic.
Samples of MaxLife taken today from the Fumoto valve. 3,900 miles on the samples. Oil was not changed.
Correction on the mileage...3,980 (80 miles makes a difference for anal types [Smile] ). Tim
Originally posted by Tim H.: We are all Anal--Thats why were here!!!!
Yeah, admitting it is half the battle. [Smile] You know you are sick when you sample your oil the very day you return from a hurricane evacuation. Like there aren't more important things to do. Tim
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