Hello all! I'm new to the forum and have ?'s

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Jan 23, 2004
Hi everyone, what an awesome forum! I have been looking at posts for several weeks now and am very impressed with the content. I thought I was the only one very concerned with what oil I put in my car, it is good to see there are others who hang out in the oil isle of WalMart.
Does anyone have a comprehensive list of all vailable PAO synthetic oils? I am refering to those with a PAO content of at least 70% with verifiable proof like a MSDS or similar. I know there are group III's that approach the PAO's but I synthetic in the european meaning.
So far I have Mobil 1, some Amsoils. IS GC a PAO oil?

Thanks everyone, glad to be aboard...
Because GC is repackaged Formula SLX 0w30 from Europe, and is labelled fully synthetic over there, I believe they cannot claim this if it were made with a group 3 base oil. Some on here have speculated it is made with a good portion of esters, while others suggest it could be esters/group 3. I just wonder though, would they not be labelling it as semi synthetic over there if it contained even a small portion of group 3 in it though?
I hope GC ends up being a PAO.
I have used Mobil 1 for years but have one thing I am uncomfortable with, in my 90 toyota pickup I get alot of valve train noise at startup.
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