Heavy Duty Oil?

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Feb 16, 2006
I have a question about "heavy duty oil." It says it is recommended for high mileage engines, etc. I don't know anything about it, but I couldn't think of any reasons why a high mileage engine would need special oil, so I have always assumed it was just the marketing department's way of trying to squeeze a little more money out of the customer. Is there any scientific evidence or proof that this stuff is better for a high mileage engine, or just anecdotal stories like we always hear about things like Slick50 or STP? IOW, is this stuff worth the extra money?
It depends. If you have an engine that starts exhibiting problems typically associated with high mileage vehicles, then the additives in a high mileage oil can often times help improve the symptoms. If the engine is in excellent condition (for example if it has been running on a synthetic for its entire life since the first oil change), then there is no particular reason to use a high mileage oil just because your odometer says you have driven a certain number of miles.
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