Heat resistance of Fram grip coating

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Jun 21, 2009
A customer launched his boat this spring without all of the cooling hoses attached and seriously overheated his engine. Fried his raw water pump and fiberglass muffler ($!!) Marine mechanical fuel pumps have a tube that runs to the carb that route any fuel that passes through a bad pump diaphragm. There was fuel in the sight tube and I disassembled the pump to find a deteriorated diaphragm, possibly from the overheating. I noticed the grip coating on the Fram filter was blistered. This motor must have gotten amazingly hot.
Dang, I would say so.... I just saw an impeller today at work from a Honda outboard that peeled off the impeller hub like an accordion. My coworker thinks a plastic bag clogged off the water intake.
Thinking about it, I'm relieved that oil temp didn't blister the grip coating. It is blistered on the top of the filter, likely from heat radiating from the exhaust manifold.
the cam driven waterpump on my mercruiser 470 failed this summer, causing the engine to get so hot the oil was boiling in the crankcase. somehow water from the cooling system into the oil and it sounded like a deep fryer with a frozen piece of food... oil, smoke and steam were billowing from the fill cap. the Wix filter label turned black and peeled off the filter. We were on a mission and by the time I knew anything was wrong (temp gauge never moved past 160.. it must have been defective) it was far too late to save the motor so we kept going as far as we could. when it finally locked up and died, the engine had to be 350F+. pouring water on the block resulted in instant and violent boiling. I was really amazed how much abuse that merc 470 took before it finally died. on the tow back I got drunk for the last time on my boat, and snapped this photo as we pulled to my home dock. the tow was well over $500, covered by my boatUS towing coverage (thankfully!)
My theory is that temp sensors don't read when they are dry. They must be covered with water to read correctly.
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I noticed the grip coating on the Fram filter was blistered. This motor must have gotten amazingly hot.
That coating always blisters on my Toyota from normal operating temps of my 4L V6...normal. I have used about 10 Fram TG's and all but one blistered. Never overheated anything. The stuff is cheap plasti-dip.
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