Heart Repair thank you all for the nice posts :)

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Jul 23, 2008
New Jersey
Thank you all for all your well wishes on my heart surgery it was a little scary but turned out ok... I am 46 and in good shape but had a heart murmur since i was around 5 years old but felt great until last week when i got a little dizzy and my heart started running like i jumped a timing gear. They repaired my mitral valve and now it is better they said i may still run a little rough for about three months until the repaired valve breaks in.. They went through my side and did not have to crack open my chest. I don't think i needed blood either but will check that out on monday and ask if they used synthetic.. As for those that asked if they sent a blood sample to blackstone i am sure with all the blood they took from me blackstone may have done a few of my uoa's lol
The good thing is i came home to a case of pennzoil 5w30 that my neighbor picked up as a get well gift.. Its good to be back!
Good to hear all is well.

Happy Easter to you and your family.
happy Easter to you and everyone and also happy passover to my Jewish friends
God Bless us all!
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Your neighbor got you a case of PYB as a get well present? That is classic, I love it

Maybe some ARX could have cleaned up that valve for you?

Seriously, very glad you're doing well
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