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Dec 2, 2005
I was just wondering what a decent OCI for Havoline 5w20 would be for a 2005 F150 with 11000 miles. I just acquired 24 bottles of GC for 40 dollars and have 1 more oil changes worth of Havoline. Thanks, Chad 5.4L engine
Why not do a 50/50 mix of the two oils ? When I saw that gas MPG dipped (100% GC 0w30) in a 2001 Honda Civic LX......I decided to get rid of my GC by mixing it with 5w20.
Finding GC at a yard sale is wierd. Every yard sale I go to has old paperbacks and beannie babies (so much for the 'investment'). Never motor oil.
I'm running Havoline 5W20 with SLOB (Havoline has plenty of Moly as it is), and after 4200 miles, it's nearly as clean as the day I did the OCI. With a good filter, I'd have no probs running it 6-7.5K if I didn't have to take it to the dealer for 15K checkup, where they'll put some kind of swill in it for me to have to take out the next day. The dealer's OCI will be a good flush to make way for PP OCI! [Cheers!]
I don't know of anything that cannot be purchased at a southern-state yard sale or flea market (at least east Tennessee). I have even purchased surgical instruments at yard sales.
Originally posted by GMorg: I have even purchased surgical instruments at yard sales.
[Off Topic!] I don't know what's scarier -- the fact that you found surgical instruments for sale at a yard sale, or the fact that you bought them! [Wink]
Pretty lucky... All I've bought for my cars at yard sales were four 20-year old frams for $.25 (that's six cents apiece!) and a napa wiper blade that chatters and squeaks. I saved that blade for the winter, hoping it would get ruined, but it's survived, and still chatters, squeaks, and wipes the glass okay. Oh, and a wix 1040 for my mother in law's lesabre 3.8 for $.33. [Smile] Yes, I'm a BITOG junkie, I know part numbers for filters for cars I don't own, in brands I don't normally buy. What we're all wondering, is did the price tag/sign say "German castrol" or did the seller not really know?
Gmorg, you don't like fava beans and a nice chianti, do you? I hope someone got that....... [LOL!] I've got about 11 qts total of havoline but have been afraid to use it.....Just never realized it was decent oil....One day.....
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