Havoline vs. Maxlife -- Which to keep?

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Didn't realize I've accumulated so much oil in the past year. Always bought the Havoline when they were about 49c/quart and Maxlife, well you know...

Now I've about three cases of each, and I only have ONE car! I have friends and extended family that actually buy oil at regular prices. So, I'm mind as well give them some of my overstock.

If you were to give away some of the overstock, would it be Havoline or Maxlife?
03 Nissan Frontier/ 3.3 L V6/ 30,000 miles/ mostly highway or freeway, but with full throttle on-ramp entries as much as possible/ White

Oil mostly 5w-30, few 10w-30
Use Havoline 5w30 it has an excellent additive package and a high quality base stock. In your area you can safely use 10w30 all year long with no problems.
I would use the recommended grade 5W-30 and keep the Havoline. Since you are not at high mileage, it doesn't seem necessary to use Maxlife. If you can't decided which to keep, just give half of each away.
I would keep all of it.

But if I was FORCED to give some away, I'd definitely keep the Havoline and ditch the MaxLife.
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