Havoline vs. Chevron

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Feb 21, 2004
Is Havoline motor oil really exactly the same as Chevron motor oil? No one can seem to give a clear answer. Also I just used Havoline a few days ago and it looks foggy [I dont know] when it comes out of the bottle. Has anyone else noticed this? It doesn't look crisp and clear like most other oils I've seen, it just seems foggy looking.
They are not exactly the same, but close. I have noticed the fogginess with havoline as well. When I put havoline synthetic 10w-30 in my freezer to test it's cold properties, all kinds of cloudy crud precipitated out. It didn't look pretty.
Only your hairdresser knows for sure. [Wink] Seriously, when I asked this same question of Chevron's tech support in the past, their answer was that the two oils are similar in performance, but not the same. Based on the results of 2 different uoa reports Blackstone performed for me for both the Havoline and Chevron brands 10W30 oils in my Altima, I agree. See the uoa section. I'd buy on the basis of availability and price, not brand! [ April 19, 2004, 10:54 PM: Message edited by: Roger ]
They don't come out of the same tanker truck, no. But they are so close you will NEVER see any difference between the two.
If you can find a Chevron Distribution Dealer...look for the Delo 400 10-30...beats them both with a little extra $ [Cheers!]
Originally posted by mikemc: I buy whichever of the two is available at the time. If both are available, I buy the Chevron 'cause of the pretty blue bottle! [LOL!]
In the past I've used up my Havoline in the lawnmower over the Chevron just so it could sit on the shelf in my garage a little longer. [Big Grin] I'm sick.... [Duh!]
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