Havoline vs. Chevron Supreme

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Oct 30, 2005
South Dakota
How much difference is there between Havoline and Chevron Supreme? Not enough to matter? My thoughts are that if I can get Chevron Supreme for $0.49 per quart as opposed to Havoline at $1.68 per quart, I might switch.
Are there any dedicated Havoline users who have switched to CS because of price? Does Chevron make a 5W/20?
Im a havoline user, but if you can get .49 for chevron... GO FOR IT!!! They're very similar. Do a search and see for yourself around here.
Wish we had Chevron around Southeast Michigan. Some deals are here with Havoline. Last week, Rite-Aid sold it for $1.39 -- then only $1.09 after rebate with purchase of six quarts.

That's the cheapest I seen Havoline around here since last spring of 2005 when Rite-Aid was selling it every two months for 99 cents.
We have lots of both around here. Outside the normal lot variations they appear to be the same motor oil. The MSDS sheets are identical on the ones I have looked at.

I buy what ever one I find the cheapest sometimes its Chevron sometimes its Havoline.
Otis24, the following is not directed at you, but at many others on this board:

For goodness' sakes, people; does no one bother to read anything? If Chevron Supreme and Havoline are 'identical' then why do the PDSs on the Chevron site list physical properties as identical but TBN different? Why also do our very own VOA library's samples of the 5W30 for example show different metallic add-pack treat rates? Just look here and here.

I don't doubt for a moment that the base oils are the same. The add packs are also probably basically the same, maybe exactly the same, but the treat rates are different. Havoline is like a concentrated version of Chevron. So, if you're interested purely in economics, you buy the Chevron Supreme every time and change it a little more often.
Treatment rates are customized according to testing done on base oils used for different production runs. Buy on price, use either with confidence.
The Chevron/Havoline twins use the Group II+ as does Pennzoil. Somewhere on this board, someone mentioned how these two companies don't ship their base oils across the country in order to cut down on the costs of transportation. Rather, they use each other's base oils if the locale falls into that cost saving category.

That being said, how do we know which base oil was used for the PDS sheets?

Also, the Chevron looks like it's an SL formula while the Havoline seems more like an SM product IMO.

Plus lab variances skew our view a bit...
I haven't seen Chevron Supreme in SL for over a year. I suppose some little general store/gas-'n-go on the outskirts of Possum Trot might still have two or three quarts on hand, though.
KJA426 said:

"The Havoline has a slightly more robust additive package."

Why does that statement make me think of a big busted German woman carrying a tray full of ice cold frosty beer mugs?
KJA426: "Somebody on this site e-mailed Chevron and that was the reply concerning the difference between the oils."

Sorry, which post in this whole thread are you referring to as their reply?
I don't remember. It was about a month or so ago somebody e-mailed Chevron regarding the difference between Chevron Supreme and Havoline. The response was that the oils were very similar except that the Havoline had a more robust additive package. Not my info just passing on what I've learned from the site.
I'd love to see new reports for both Supreme & Havoline 5W-30 posted on the VOA board.

And the bottle date codes should probably be 2006, to get around the additive shortages & Katrina problems of last fall.

I strongly suspect that Havoline is a Gulf Coast product and that Supreme is West Coast, the difference being add packs trailored for the base oils.

Don't forget, Chevron acquired the Havoline brand just 4 years ago, from the breakup of the Shell & Texaco Equilon partnership.

During the transition, Havoline motor oil, with ChevronTexaco on the label, was still being blended from the Excel Paralubes base oils, which was/is a Chevron process facility located in Westlake, LA.

So I suspect to see differences in a side-by-side comparison - more than just the 0.1 TBN variation as listed on the product data sheets.
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