Havoline synthetic compared to other synthetics

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Feb 28, 2003
Cajun Country, La.
How does it compare to other brands such as;Mobil1,Syntec(even tho we all know its a dino),Valvoline,Red Line,etc.Is it as good or better then other synthetics? Anyone out there use it,and opinions on it?
Sorry, don't have the answer, but given that regular Havoline is known to be great dino oil and is typically found at very reasonable prices, I wonder how much the Havoline synthetic costs?

If the price is right I might switch over to synthetic (presumably Group III).
I bought the 5w-30 synthetic Havoline when it was on sale at BigLots for $1.99. Now I wish that I had bought more since I think it's a good oil. Surprisingly, I changed to GS 0w-30 after the Havoline and now think the Havoline was better. Nothing factual, but it seems my truck ran quieter with the Havoline.
What I do is run 4 quarts of Chevron 10W30 dino along with 2 quarts of Havoline synthetic 10W30 in my 97 F150,4.2V6.I get it at Discount/Advance auto parts for $3.79 a quart.I'm approaching 100k miles and was considering going to full synthetic.
I have been using Havoline Synthetic 5W-30 in my 02 Explorer. I feel comfortable that it is protecting just fine. Locally it is $3.98 per quart and often on sale for $3.48.

Here is a UOA on my Explorer with the Havoline Syn.

Havoline Synthetic UOA
I've posted a couple of UOA's of Havoline full-syn 5W30 - one in an 01 Mitsu Eclipse and another in an 02 Mazda Protege ES - the oil did exceptionally well in both engines and Blackstone seemed to think it fine for at least 6K mile intervals in my applications.
I've always been a fan of Texaco Havoline, available down here in New Zealand as Caltex (a joint company between Chevron and Texaco.

I know some time ago that the Texaco CART cars used nothing but the dino Havoline Formula. It had an extremely robust additive package. So the same additive package in a synthetic basestock must be an excellent PCMO.

In my Honda I now use Caltex Havoline Energy SAE 5W-30, its a Texaco Europe based product which is made with Group III base oil, I've seen tests which showed it gave up to 6% fuel saving and excellent UOA results.

Here in New Zealand, Caltex don't advertise Havoline Energy as a synthetic despite it being Group III - that differentiates it from their Havoline Synthetic which uses PAO.
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