Havoline Synthetic; $1.99 at Big Lots

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Dec 5, 2002
Should I stock up and save some money? I normally use Mobile 1, and change oil/filter every 4000 miles. What the heck, this seems like a good buy!
Go for it. It is not a "True" synthetic. It is a Group III (do a search) But for that price and since you are doing 4K mil changes. What the Hey [LOL!]
If you're changing oil every 4K, I don't see how you could go wrong. Probably not near as good as the M1, but surely good enough for 4K. I resisted the $2/qt syn the other day, but have to return to Longview today- I can hear it calling me! "Group III 5w40, $2/qt...". [Big Grin] Maybe it's all been sold, that should protect me from myself. [Wink]
The 5W-40 Havoling is a very good product as it meets the ACEA A3, B3 specs. For only $2.00 a quart I would stock up on this oil. I think the 5W-40 may very well have a significant amount of PAO and or Esters to meet these specs.
My brother said that M-1 0w30 was selling for $1.00 a litre in Victoria BC two years ago. I guess the 0W part is a mystery for most people, as he too passed up on the deal. Havoline at $2.00/USD/qt is good too, considering that the retailer is making at least 30%. It looks like group IIIs are comming down in price, as there are bargans to be found.
I passed on it although Big Lots here has 12 qts. I figure I have an extra dollar a quart for some Rotella. I already have a case of SL Superflow Syn, what would I do with the Havoline anyway? [I dont know]
Well, I fell to temptation [Embarrassed] & bought 5 qts of the Havoline Syn(Equilon) 5w40. On my bottles, it mentions nothing about the ACEA A3/B3 specs, says only that it meets & exceeds the API SL specs.
My Big Lots didn't have any 5w-40.I walked out with: 3 quarts dino SAE30 SL 4 quarts dino 5w-20 SL 5 quarts Synthetic 10w-30 SJ (all available) 2 quarts Synthetic 5w-30 SJ (ditto) This puts my quart-count well into triple digits again. [Roll Eyes] I hate when the number hovers too close to 100! [Duh!] Mark
I got 18 quarts of the Havoline 5/40, all SJ, no other ratings. Sloshing it around in the bottle, at room temp it SEEMS way thicker than Rotella 5/40, thicker than any of several brands of 15/40's I have on hand, and not too far off from some Quicksilver 25/40.
I just came from the Big Lots closest to me. They had just one bottle of regular Havoline (5w30) and the rest was all synthetic in two grades: about 20 bottles of 10w30, and 6 bottles of the 5w40. I cracked open a bottle of the 5w40 and took a whiff. It's a good thing we don't judge an oil by odor alone. If someone blindfolded me and put that stuff under my nose and asked "Is this synthetic oil?" I would reply "No way!" It smelled like regular ol' raunchy Havoline, nothing at all like the other Group III oils I've smelled: Castrol Syntec 10w30 and Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5w40.
I noted that none of the Havoline (Equilon)synthetic at Big Lot's has a diesel rating (CF). I would think that if this oil was a PAO base it would meet and have some diesel rating. However, looking at the MSDS it shows a high 60-70% of CAS# 68037-01-4 which is the PAO base - - isn't it? Big lot's also has some "Greasedlightning" synthetic oil, but it looks more like a "marketing based" oil so I'm passing on it. Update: I've been searching and reading on this Havoline synthetic all afternoon. If appears there have been two different MSDS sheets with conflicting information. One indicates Group III and one Group IV. So I give up. Maybe someone else wants to carry the torch further? [Bang Head] Here is the link that shows two different MSDS sheets: http://theoildrop.server101.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=001440#000012 [ October 12, 2003, 04:27 PM: Message edited by: Cressida ]
smelling nothing at all like the other Group III... Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5w40
Yes, Rotella DOES smell good. Leaves a VERY thick coating inside the jug, does not want to come out???
I talked with a tech representative with Equilon today to try to learn more about this synthetic oil that is still being sold under the Havoline name. Specifically the 5w-30 and 5w-40 synthetic. Although he was an appropriate contact and knew the product well, he was next to useless . VERY EVASIVE – to the point it almost seemed he was afraid or perhaps ashamed to be talking about the product. He would not address whether it was a group III or group IV base oil – just to say it was synthetic! He wouldn't touch the base oil subject with a 10 foot pole. [SPAZ!] He would not tell me what the HTHS spec was only indicating that it wasn’t published in their technical specifications! (That is why I was asking!) I pointed out it was not rated CF and he did say it was not for use in diesel applications and suggested to follow the manufactures recommendations for API grade. Based on this, I doubt I will ever consider a Shell product again. [Thumbs Down!] If you oil companies are afraid to discuss your product's makeup and detailed specs then we at Bob’s will find alternative sources that do.
Cressida, I think the guy's evasiveness was based more in the restrictions placed on Shell by the deal that handed Havoline lubricants to Chevron-Texaco than in his unwillingness to answer your questions. I have found the folks at Shell Lubricants more than willing to answer any and all questions I've thrown at them. A couple of examples: When Rotella T Synthetic first hit the market I asked if it was PAO based or used Shell's proprietary XHVI base oil, which is Group III. I was told that it used XHVI, and I subsequently confirmed this by looking at the MSDS. I also asked about Shell's PCMO synthetic, "Formula Shell." I was told that was all Group III, but NOT XHVI. I asked about Shell Helix Ultra, which I figured the guy wouldn't even know about since it's produced in Europe, but not only did he know about it, he said it was imported to the US only in drum lots especially for Ferrari dealers and specialty shops that service Ferraris. Try getting answers like these from the Mobil 1 or Castrol tech people.
Gotta agree with G-man here. Based on the restrictions and sales forced as a part of the merger of Chevron and Texaco, I would be surprised if anyone at Shell could give you good details on the old equilon produced havoline synthetics. Shell is pretty good about answering technical questions on their products. Granted, this product was likely produced by them, but its old product now.
Thanks for your comments but I don't buy it. This product was produced by Shell and it is still in the retail channel. They still show MSDS sheets for the product. However, since they show more than one who is to know which one is applicable ? If they would direct me to the correct MSDS sheet(s) I would have never called asking for more information. Surely they have the MSDS sheets for all of the products that are still being sold at retail. Are they ashamed of this Texaco Equilon product line for some reason?
Shell Helix Ultra, imported to the US only in drum lots especially for Ferrari dealers. Try getting answers like these from the Mobil 1 or Castrol tech people.
Thanks for the Shell info, I like their products but only have access to Rotella Synth. The techline DOES seem helpfull compared to the Others.
According to this page from the API (found in Google's cache, the API has removed havoline from the current equilon page) The equilon made Havoline Synthetic is SJ/CF rated for all three grades. Seems like a decent oil for $1.99/qt API Page in Google Cache
I just went to Big Lots and stocked up on the Havoline Syn. They had 5w-30 and 5w-40. The 5w-30 has the API starburst on the front and the 5w-40 does not. The 5W-30 says API service SL,SJ,SH ILSAC GF-3 The 5W-40 says API service SJ,SH,CF Is the 5W-30 better ? Can I use the 5W-40 in Florida where it hardly ever freezes. I'm using in a 2.5L Ford Ranger with 74k miles and does not leak a bit.
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