Havoline Syn -- Great Deal

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Sep 27, 2003
Tampa, FL
I found Havoline Syn (SL rated) at my local Big Lots for $1.99. 12 quarts 5w-40, 15 quarts 10w-30 and only 1 quart of 5w-30. If I hadn't just stocked up on Quaker Syn for $1.75 on clearance I would have bought some of the Havoline.
Guile; Me too. [Big Grin] It looks as if the arguement that group III derived "synthetics" are overpriced is history. In a very few years I expect all API classified late model approved engine oils will be blended from group III processed or GTL tech sources.
It looks as if the arguement that group III derived "synthetics" are overpriced is history.
You could ring the death knell for this argument only if these prices were the every day price found in auto parts stores. Since we are talking about a clearance house type shop it doesn't work. I will be looking for some of this oil tomorrow though at Big Lots. Group III at 2 bucks a quart is a bargain in mild weather. Throws the whole price:performance argument on it's ear. [Cheers!] [Patriot]
Every Big Lots around here is loaded with the 1.99 Havoline Syn. It's hard for me to resist, I have 48 quarts in stock now. I figure I have 3 cars that I put 15k a year on. At the 5k drain intervals I should be covered for a full year. I know they are dumping the old Equilon made stuff, I may get about 10-20 more quarts before the big sale is over. It's all 5-40,10-30 and 5w-30 it's all SL rated now.
I looked at Big Lots today and there was no Havoline Synthetic... [Roll Eyes] Just a bunch of offbrand fuel injector cleaner and other assorted stuff. They did have the new Havoline coolant that is Dex-Cool approved but no oil. [Cheers!] [Patriot]
Originally posted by TC: Here's Texaco's spec sheet on this motor oil:
I wish this was the spec for the Equilon Havoline synthetic. However the oil at Big Lot's was not made by Texaco (now Chevron/Texaco) but by Equilon (Shell). Obtaining correct specs on it has been difficult, but it doesn't appear to be CF rated neither is there mention about the Mercedes or European spec's that are listed in the link that you provided.
I checked at Big Lots this weekend too and no Havoline... only the off brand injector cleaners and other assorted automotive solvents and additives. No oil at all in fact. I however did change out my Mobil1 5w30 to Havoline synth 5w30 this weekend... I had 3500mi on the Mobil1 and will be doing a lot of long trip driving in the next 3 to 4 months so I figured I'd change it out before the weather got too cold that way I'd only have to do one more "dead of winter" oil change on it before warmer spring temps roll around. I also went with a NAPA Gold filter this time. The reason for the Havoline instead of the Mobil1 is that Mobil1 recently went up in price to $4.5? per qt instead of the previous $3.54 and the Havoline was only $3.25/qt at Advance Auto (it was on sale, otherwise its normally $3.78). Two big differences I noticed with the Havoline and NAPA/Wix are: 1)Almost zero cold start noise (no more valve train or piston slap or whatever the typical GM 3.1L rattling sound is caused by) 2)Better gas mileage. Normally driving between CF and Ft. Dodge (where I now reside) I can get about 110mi out of slightly over 1/8th of a tank of gas. This time I did it at exactly 1/8th of a tank. I'm guessing about a 1mpg increase or slightly more. I'll have to track it at the next few fill ups to see. I think from now on my summer oil is going to be Rotella 5w40 and Havoline 5w30 for the winter months.
Cressida: I had concerns that the spec sheet I provided might be for the new product as well, as opposed to the Equilon oil at Big Lots. I know the sheet I provided mentions "ChevronTexaco" at the bottom, but thought this could have been retroactively added simply to update the corporate moniker on all their spec sheets. The reason I say this is that I noticed that the only spec sheets for Havoline Synthetic and Chevron Synthetic oils (dated 9-5-02 and 10-25-02, respectively) are not the same. For example, the Flash Points, Pour Points, and Viscosity Index numbers for both products are quite different. So perhaps, unlike their conventional oils, the two brands' (Chevron and Texaco) synthetic products are still unique? Or, if nothing else, my Havoline spec sheet DOES reflect the old product..? Not sure about this... One more thing. I came across an MSDS for Havoline Synthetic 10w-30 dated 10/10/01 (which coincidently is the same day the firms merged), so I would guess this reflects the old product. It mentioned a Flash Point of 440F and Pour Point of -38F, so if these match up with a spec sheet anyone finds, this (along with a date, of course)should confirm it's the old product spec sheet. [ October 28, 2003, 07:29 PM: Message edited by: TC ]
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