Havoline - off the shelf used in Racing?

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Feb 9, 2004
Hi, I was wondering does anyone know if Havoline Premium is really used off the shelf in racing? In Australia, Caltex are realy pushing there Havoline range of oils, saying that they are and have been for years used in there off the shelf form in major forms of racing. The Havolline Premium 20w 50 is said to be used in standard form in 1: V8 Supercars 2: Australian Rally Cars 3: Newman Haas Champ Car team 4: Whren Mario Andretti won the Indianapolis 500, (the oil was then called Havoline Formula 3) So I was wondering does anyone know a little fact for fiction on this?
To add, I also heard it's use in 800hp + V8 Sprint cars. Does anyone know what the Havoline Nascar is said to be using?
Originally posted by Motorbike: If the cost of the oil you speak of is the equivalent of 2.00 per quart in US dollars the answer is NO , it's not the exact oil used in the high-end race engines .
If the "new" Mobil 1R is the exact same oil that racers are using, I have no trouble believeing that the same Havoline that costs less than $2 a quart is being used by some drivers in their race cars. Mobil has made it a point of advertising to state that Mobil 1 15w50 was used in the Penske car at Indy. I watched an interview on the Speed Chanel with a Nascar driver (I can't remember who) a couple of years ago in which he stated flat out that the oil they used for both qualifying and the race was regular 5w30—"the same as you use in your cars" was the way he put it.
Yeah and there are still some STP stickers on some of those cars. Do you think they are really using the stuff ? [Smile] These guys don't want that DNF listed beside their name . To have it from lack of purchasing good motor oil is not gonna happen IMO Exxon/Mobil is large enough to kick out a 7 buck a quart race oil to the public . Whether or not it's any good I don't know but it's probably at least fair to middlen as Dad use to say but I do know Valvoline can and will sell as small as 5 gallon buckets of misc proven 8, 9 and 10cSt race oils for around 10 bucks a quart and I'm told just break even as a courtesy to the racers . They'll even help tweek for an application ...... think Mobil will do this for a average guy ? [Wink]
Caltex are running a lot of adds extolling the virtues of their Havoline Supreme being run in V-8 Supercar racing (600hp ford and chev smallblocks, including the 600 mile race at Bathurst). They've gone so far as to have a journalist pick up a bottle on the way to the track, then tip it into the engine as "proof". It seems like smelly advertising to me, as I don't see any racer risking an oil priced the same as GTX Magnatec, Delo 400 etc etc to get them through a grueling 5 hour race.
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