Havoline High Mileage Motor Oil

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Feb 21, 2004
What's the difference from the Havoline High Mileage Oil versus the regular Havoline oil. It's on sale for $1.49 at Checker's and the Havoline at Wally's is about the same price. Would the High Mileage oil be a better bargain?
Wow! That's a excellent price especially for Hawaii. In my opinion the High Mileage oils are a better value simply because of the way they're made. As a general rule the High Mileage oils are different in the following ways: - blended to be thicker within their specific viscosity grade. - contains small amounts of high quality esters to help swell engine seals and reduce or prevent leaks. - contain a slightly more robust additive package to help with cleanliness of internal parts. Older engines tend to produce more blow-by which creates a need for more cleaning and better particle suspension. At $1.49 per quart you can't go wrong. Havoline has a excellent reputation for making a good quality product and there's no reason that their new High Mileage formula would be any different. I'd go for it.
Thanks for the respose ForVay, I'll buy a case of the High Mileage...Great Forum thnks for the info...
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